How to Get Your Abroad Program Approved

The Office of Study Abroad works closely with academic departments and faculty in developing and implementing study abroad opportunities for students. As Hopkins alumnus, you have the opportunity to strengthen our student by providing them with an option to study abroad and widen their horizons. 

The focus of the review of Study Abroad Program proposals is on the academic, strategic, logistical, and financial impact of the new program on Johns Hopkins University, departmental resources, and faculty resources.

Any new Hopkins Faculty-Led program must be reviewed and approved by the following departments, committees, and representatives at JHU:

  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) and Department Chair of the sponsoring department.
  • The Dean of Undergraduate Education in the college of the sponsoring department.
  • Faculty Advisory Committee on Study Abroad

Application Process

  1. Before proposing a study abroad program, faculty and departments are encouraged to meet with the DUS, Department Chair, and Dean to discuss academic content, faculty and departmental resources, and strategic planning for recruitment.
  2. Meet with the Director of Study Abroad to discuss the feasibility of the program, resources, and next steps.
  3. Submit an online application to the Office of Study Abroad, including the list of items that can be found on the Hopkins Study Abroad website.
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