How to Strengthen Students?

Education has become a lot more than classes and lectures. One of the goals of Johns Hopkins University is that every graduate should have at least one solid mentorship relationship by the end of their programs but it doesn’t have to stop there. As early as the freshman year, students benefit from having unique opportunities to study abroad or to engage in research activities. Not only do these opportunities boost their learning process but also allow them to ease into the post-graduation life and the start of their careers.

What are we looking for?

Alumni Involvement

There are many ways an alumnus can reengage with current students, and mentorship is not the only one. Here are five ways that you can get involved with the Life Design Lab to strengthen our students.

Study Abroad Programs

Johns Hopkins University has the Office of Study Abroad that you can find following this link: – and most Hopkins schools also have their own Study Abroad programs. You can find them on the Imagine Directory. These programs range from a full semester in the SAIS campus in Bologna to much shorter week-long programs like the one that Carey Business School offers to its students. Do you have a Study Abroad opportunity that can benefit our students? Learn how to get your program approved and contact the Office of Study Abroad or your individual school center.

Research Opportunities

Johns Hopkins University is the number one research center in the United States, and all of that is possible through support from both the inside the university and outside. There are many ways to donate towards perspective research or to start your own research at Hopkins – simply visit the Imagine Directory to find your school research administration. Perhaps, if you want to get inspired by other ongoing programs, here’s the list of ongoing research projects in the School of Nursing. Even if your field of study has nothing to do with medicine, it is worth a look. Finally, you don’t need to contribute financially to help students with research, you can become a mentor for their ongoing project, learn how to do it here.

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