Hopkins Technology Ventures for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

More than 170 startups in areas ranging from the life sciences to engineering technology and digital health have already benefited from JHU Technology Ventures (JHTV). These companies have raised more than $2.7B in cumulative venture funding since 2014. Johns Hopkins startups leverage the university’s world-class research assets and the innovation infrastructure of FastForward, our company incubation program.

From Freshmen to Post-docs

  • JHTV has a number of services to help you launch your product onto the market. FastForward U offers entrepreneurs mentorship, space and funding.
  • Commercialization Academy will help you to learn from previous examples to help you achieve your goals without repeating mistakes. 
  • A coworking space near JHU Homewood Campus is open for your working process.
  • JHTV can help to find funding for your next big project or a startup!

Explore what JHU Ventures have to offer you at https://ventures.jhu.edu/.

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