Why Strengthening Students is Important?

A 2014 poll by Gallup indicated that only 18% of college graduates feel emotionally attached to their alma mater. An emotional bond with the higher ed institution doesn’t build momentarily as a new student comes into their school and doesn’t automatically appear by the time a student graduates. The same research also reported on how a college can increase this number, and having a strong alumni-student network takes up a fair share of activities that can help a student form good lasting memories of college years.

The odds that a student will feel more attached to their alma mater increase:

4.1 times if a student had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams
2.7 times if a student was extremely active in extracurricular activities and organization while attending college
2.4 times if a student had an internship or a job that allowed them to apply the knowledge that they got in a classroom
2.2 times if a student worked on a project that took a semester or longer

Providing opportunities for students is just as important as being available as a mentor. Extracurricular activities, internships or research projects can enrich Hopkins students’ learning experience and help them form an attachment to their college.

By contributor