Prepare Your Website for Gen Z Recruits

Websites are vital tools for employers to use to attract candidates—and that is especially true now that traditional modes of attacting students, e.g., in-person activities and events, are largely unavailable.

Top ways to optimize your website for Gen Z:

  • Recognize that most students take seriously an employer’s mission and values statements—but reading the words on the website is just the first step. If “we value our employees” (or words to that effect) are set as an expectation, be sure the candidate experience reflects the same.
  • Feature actual new hires (not stock photos) to showcase early career opportunities; credible testimonials are valued, but only if they seem authentic and not scripted.
  • Assure that the corporate website “speaks to” those seeking early career positions and that job descriptions are written in language students can understand.
  • Provide sufficient detail in job descriptions to enable students to not only assess their match to the requirements but to gauge the appeal of what incumbents actually do.

Article written by Kevin Gray for NACEweb

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate