Time Management Tips for a Student

Ways to Save Time

  • Concentrate your time and effort on one subject at a time (your brain can’t multitask!)
  • Take small breaks to fight boredom and increase concentration
  • Write notes by hand. This can help with faster internalization of the material
  • Review notes for a minute after each lecture to avoid last-minute cramming before an exam

Fighting Procrastination

  • Create your own positive reinforcement
  • Divide the task into small components to be tackled separately
  • Create small, self-defined deadlines for yourself to follow
  • Prioritize your work based on urgency and importance

Actively Budgeting Time

  • Create a goal, a plan, and then commit to it
  • Allow yourself reasonable time for activities
  • Don’t be discouraged if you occasionally deviate from your plan; use this to plan better in the future
  • Budget time for meals and exercise, this will make your studying hours more effective

Staying Organized

  • Write large due dates 3-4 months ahead in a planner. This helps you visually understand how busy you will or will not be
  • Write down daily goals that you can reasonably complete. Check them off as you go (checkmarks will never seem so satisfying!)
  • Don’t count on yourself to remember everything you’ve been assigned: write it down!

Common Time Traps

  • Lack of planning
  • Lack of prioritization
  • Over-commitment
  • Rushing through something to produce a lower quality product
  • Netflix, Facebook, or messaging
  • Studying with distracting friends
  • Becoming distracted during lecture
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