Your Turn to Intern

The Your Turn to Intern (YTTI) Program is an exclusive program that was designed to provide resources and guidance to freshmen-junior Biomedical Engineering Undergraduates as they seek out summer internships.

About YTTI

The YTTI program began in Fall 2019 and through a very long pandemic when many students faced cancelled internships, students in this program were able to reimagine what their summer experience would be like and were able to secure available internships that were both remote and in-person. 

The program is led by Leah Banks, assistant director of life design and a cancer biologist, who has a niche for building relationships and connecting students and postdocs to opportunities as they navigate through their respective career paths.

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Through this exclusive program students will have the opportunity to:  

  • One on one guidance to help identify the right internship for you
  • Industry specific workshops that will be co-facilitated with employers and alum
  • Mentorship program with BME Alum: Students can opt to be paired with alum through a mentorship program
  • Virtual Industry Treks: Will visit companies across the US to learn about their internship programs and opportunities
  • YTTI Virtual Hiring Week (Spring Semester): Employers will participate in a virtual hiring event where students will choose to apply for their internships by submitting their resume and cover letter for the position. The employers will then give virtual interviews for candidates that they select
  • Bi-monthly newsletters informing you of internship opportunities and industry news updates

Through this year long program, some students may secure an internship early on in the program, however, they’re encouraged to continue attending YTTI specific workshops/events as a means to connect with alumni and employers in their respective field of interest. 

Past YTTI Outcomes

               AY 2020-2021                                                                            AY 2019-2020

YTTI stats                     YTTI stats 2

Keep a look out for the 2021-2022 co-hort applications which open the first week of October!

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