Five Wellbeing Resources for Hopkins Students

For many students, academic performance and career building is the highest priority. But sometimes, it is important to take a minute to step back and think about your wellbeing. Do you eat healthy? Do you get enough high-quality sleep? Do you exercise enough? How are you feeling lately? Our mental health and well-being are for happy and fulfilling lives, now more than ever as we go through the pandemic that affects our social lives and stress levels.

Did you know?

Johns Hopkins Student Health and Well-being Center is a one-stop-shop for wellness resources

Johns Hopkins is committed to providing the best education but to excel in a classroom, it is important to look after yourself, your physical and mental health. Today JHU Student Health and Well-being Center shares with you five resources for mental health. All of them are 100% free for all Johns Hopkins students no matter, where you are: on the Homewood campus in Baltimore, in DC or even if you’re an online-only student.

Mental Telehealth for Johns Hopkins University

Looking for online yoga classes or meditation sessions? Or you feel like you need a safe space to talk about your emotions? Mental Telehealth can cover these needs and more. On this portal, you can join scheduled yoga and meditation sessions that will benefit your well-being. Besides, Mental Telehealth provides you with 24/7 access to emotional support with expert counselors and even an opportunity to schedule a meeting with a licensed counselor or psychiatric care. All services are 100% free and 1-on-1 sessions are completely confidential.

Stress and Depression Questionnaire

Stress and mood changes are natural for our lives but when these symptoms become consistent, they can become damaging for our health. Specialists from Johns Hopkins developed a quick questionnaire that will help you learn more about how stress and depression maybe be affecting you. The questionnaire only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and, even more importantly, you will get personalized feedback from a Hopkins counselor within 48 hours. You will also be able to text back to learn more about options for treatment if you need any.

This questionnaire is a confidential, convenient, and safe way to find out how stress and depression may be affecting you and to learn more about available mental health resources at Johns Hopkins and in the community. Any messages you share with a counselor are also going to be anonymous.

Free Access to Calm: mindfulness and sleep aid

Calm is a smartphone app with meditation lessons, sleep aid, mental fitness masterclasses, and more. It has been one of the top mindfulness apps for several years now and is available for free with premium features on subscription. You have probably heard about Calm before, or seen it in your recommendations, or maybe you even have it or actively use it.

But did you know that Johns Hopkins students have a full access to all its premium features for free? Practicing mindfulness was proven to improve academic performance and focus but more importantly, it can benefit your mental health now and in the long run. So go get your free subscription!

Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Specialist

Are you on your path to quitting smoking or lowering your alcohol consumption? Good choice! If you need some support to quit or lower your intake of dangerous substances like nicotine, alcohol or drugs, Johns Hopkins is here to help! Elora Orazio is a member of the JHU Student Health and Well-being Division and helps students overcome substance abuse and prevent problem from occurring again.

Elora helps with motivational interviews and educational support to examine your relationships to alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana. As usual, assistance is free of charge and 100% confidential.

Experiential Education

Feel like exercising but tired of going to the gym? Or just feel like you could benefit from spending a few hours outdoors? Experiential Education can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals without lifting weights, and teach you how to spend active time outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, climbing – all of these are taught by professional staff members and student instructors. Not ready to go outdoors during chilly winter months? Learn climbing indoors and get ready for spring season!

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