Explore Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center

Do you want to record a music album? Or maybe create a 3D model of your brain like Balaji Vijayakumar did? Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center can help you with your class project or anything you want to learn and practice to put into your resume, or if you just want to have some fun and enhance your learning experience with something different!

Digital Media Center is located at 3003 N Charles Street in Baltimore, next to FedEx office

What is the Digital Media Center?

The DMC is a multimedia lab space as well as an equipment, printing and knowledge resource for students interested in exploring creative uses of emerging media and technology to communicate their ideas. It allows students to use our resources to explore new ideas for both academic and personal creative growth and try out creative technologies they wouldn’t necessarily have access to on their own.

Digital Media Center Hours of Operation

Sunday: 12PM – 12AM
Monday: 12PM – 12AM
Tuesday: 12PM – 12AM
Wednesday: 12PM – 12AM
Thursday: 12PM – 12AM
Friday: 12PM – 10PM
Saturday: 12PM – 10PM

What kind of equipment does the DMC have?


Professional DSLR cameras, video camcorders, GoPros, lighting and backdrop kits, tripods, and portable monitors.  

Audio Studio

A professional production studio with soundproof walls, studio monitor speakers, Mac Pro, 2 synthesizers/MIDI controllers, electronic drums, and guitars.

Portable recorders, several kinds of microphones, MIDI controllers, portable PA systems, and mic stands.


Laptops, hard drives, drawing tablets, and any kind of cable or digital adaptor.

The DMC also circulates software licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud and Minecraft. Go get your licensed Photoshop or Illustrator!


Several different gaming consoles and a library of games available.


Arduino/Raspberry Pis, soldering irons, sewing kits, and other electronics tools.

VR Studio

A high-end PC with an HTC Vive Pro wireless VR headset and room sensors. You can actually walk around the room with the headset on and play games in VR.

Lab stations

  • 12 high-end Mac Pro workstations loaded with media production software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Unity, etc. Several workstations are specialized for different areas like audio, graphics, or video editing.
  • Two 3D printers and lots of choices of filament to use.
  • A vinyl cutter for making large signage or stickers.
  • Professional inkjet photo and poster printing: large format and high-detail photo prints.

I don’t have a specific project in mind. Can I use DMC’s services?

The DMC regularly hosts events during a semester, which can be a good opportunity to learn new tech.

  • Workshops for skill training on available resources, as well as topics related to media like Photography Crash Course, Producing Electronic Music, and Introduction to 3D Modeling and Printing.
  • Game nights
  • Interactive art installations for Lighting of the Quads
  • Guest artists speakers.

The DMC also runs a Gaming Loft in the Charles Commons with TVs and consoles and several high-end gaming PCs, available to all student members.

How much does it cost?

For full-time JHU students, using DMC’s services and equipment is completely free! However, when working with some equipment that requires consumables like photo paper, 3D printing filament, batteries, etc., you’re going to need to cover the cost of these consumables. You can also bring these consumables with you if you know what and how much you are going to need for your project.

How can I visit the DMC?

You don’t need to schedule an appointment, just come in during the hours of operation! Before you start using the equipment, you are going to be required to sign a borrower agreement.

Want to learn more?

You can visit the DMC page on the JHU Student Affairs portal, connect with the DMC at digitalmedia@jhu.edu, check out their Instagram page or join the DMC Discord server.

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