Top 5 Ways to Guarantee Your Job Gets Posted in Handshake

We have pretty high standards for our students, and that includes the opportunities we want to make available to them on Handshake.

Everyday, we have a dedicated team that combs through every job making sure it fits all the criteria that we set for job approval. To streamline our efforts and make sure each employer can have their job approved in a timely manner, we wanted to provide the Tips to have your job posting approved with little to no push back!

Add a Full Job Description

We strive to make each job accessible for our students to give them equal access to jobs that fit their needs and interest. The best way we can do this is by meticulously reading the job descriptions and posting them on Handshake for the student to read and apply to directly.

If we are given the job description, we can post this position quickly!

For Internships: indicate if school credit is required/ if the internship is unpaid

We love offering internships and other various experiential learning opportunities to our students! In order to provide them with the best opportunities that fit their needs, we need to be able to tell them what to expect during their experience, compensation-wise.

Posting as a 3rd Party? We still need to know who the employer is

We understand, due to confidentiality agreements, if you’re posting as a third party, you want our top tier student talent but need to keep the employer name hidden. We recommend sending the company name to us directly ( or entering their name in the comments section of the description.

Choose the correct Job Type for the position being posted

JHU students keep very busy. They are always scouting for the best opportunities that will fit their schedules or their life situations and sometimes will feel that a Fellowship suits their needs. Maybe they are searching for Internships to enhance their resumes part-time. Note: We do not approve volunteer positions.

By selecting a job type for the position, we will know how to promote and market the roles to the students who need to see them.

If you are posting multiple jobs with the same title BUT in different cities…

Your company has 20 UX/UI Design jobs in 20 cities ALL over the USA. But that doesn’t mean you have to post 20 different job postings in Handshake. Instead, we recommend posting fewer jobs and adding the cities to either the titles of the job description or somewhere at the beginning of the post.

This way we can keep a streamlined list for students to view each job description that aligns with their interests and expertise.

By following this quick list of tips, you have the greatest chance of getting your job description posted and begin fielding student applications ASAP. For any questions, feel free to reach out to our Handshake team

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate