#Design4Excellence: Imagining Excellence in the Workplace

Have you ever imagined what it could be like to be in an inclusive environment? Have you ever thought of other’s excellence? Have you been curious about how to create a more inclusive space? Read on to get a few perspectives. 

In thinking of how to scale experiences up for students and other stakeholders, the Centers for Diversity and Inclusion and the Life Design Lab came together to strategize a new way to create an experience and not an event around Women, Queer and/or International folk in the workplace. This idea was important as in the past, attendance numbers have been lower for these types of events for a variety of reasons – so instead of creating an event, we wanted to create a long lasting experience of some sorts and inspire others to “Imagine Excellence” in the workplace. 

You may be asking; what excellence are you talking about?

Glad you asked, we were curious to learn from our community at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) what they thought was excellence within our community of women, queer or international folk can we have folks share. So we did it, we came together to create four prompts focusing on what they wish, like, envision and whom they’d like to thank. We collected over 15 short video responses from JHU students and staff and over the next few weeks, you will hear what they had to say regarding how they imagine as excellence in the workplace. 

We ask you – students, alumni, staff, faculty, employers, community members, to hear these stories and think about how you can #Design4Excellence that is inclusive of all people’s perspectives, needs and wants. 

#Design4Excellence begins now… 

What do you envision for the future of the work?  

The Life Design Lab and Center for Diversity and Inclusion have taken to campus to launch Imagine Excellence in the Workplace, brief video compilations exploring the embrace of greater authenticity and inclusivity in the world of work (as broadly as you can conceive it). We’re asking you and members of the Johns Hopkins community what you find most inspirational about women, LGBTQ+ folk, and international students fulfilling their life design.  

Share your thoughts with us via social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) by using the hashtag #Design4Excellence. 

See more on the Life Design Lab’s Website, Life Design Lab’s YouTube and on Twitter and LinkedIn using the #Design4Excellence. If you’d like to share your story with us, feel free to freely do so via the hashtag #Design4Excellence on Twitter and/or direct message Clifton Shambry or Tessa McKenzie. 

Inspired by The Centers for Diversity and Inclusion and the Life Design Lab 

Clifton E. Shambry Jr., Tessa McKenzie, Rasheeda Bradley, Martha Kakooza, Dr. Abbey Nawrocki 

By Clifton E. Shambry Jr.
Clifton E. Shambry Jr. Associate Director of Life Design: Diversity & Inclusion