Life Design Lab Intersession, Treks & Grants: Winter 2023

The Life Design Lab is excited to offer new intersessions and treks for students for the 2023 winter season. For more information on any of the below programs, reach out to

Becoming a Change-Maker, Creating a Socially Conscious Career in Science and Health

Link to apply: SIS- (Intersession at JHU)

Date to apply: Intersession Courses Open Dec. 6th (Intersession at JHU)

Jan 9th– 20th MTWRF 10AM-11:30AM

The world of science and health has the potential for great impact and ability to reshape policies and practices for entire communities.  As we reflect on the personal and professional impact the pandemic has had on us in the fields of science, medicine and health, students will begin to address their power and role in community action. They will identify their own personal social cause, illuminating the relationships, skills, and tactics used for social consciousness, and develop a network of collaborators.  Centered in the methods of Life Design and Emergent Strategy this course will help students develop the mindsets needed to utilize their experience in a dynamic field.

Designing for Inclusive Leadership: Designing Inclusive Lives for an Inclusive World

Link to apply: SIS- (Intersession at JHU)

Date to apply: Intersession Courses Open Dec. 6th (Intersession at JHU)

Jan 9th– 13th MTWRF 1pm-4pm

Engage in conversation, literature and storytelling to determine actions to take to include identity as an asset in one’s life design process.

Using design thinking principles to solve the wicked problem of designing your diverse life. We will take a deep dive into what it means to live our lives and support our diverse teams despite systemic oppression and an increase in digitized racism. We will further test out ways to showcase our own and support the identities of others as assets in our journeys as leaders, discovering concrete ways to make the world a more just place to live, grow and lead, with identities in mind.

Students can reach out to Life Design Educator, Clifton E. Shambry, for information and questions

The Course You Need Right Now


Jan 9th-20th, Daily at 1:30pm

  • Build your lifelong capacity for resilience
  • Explore avenues for ongoing self reflection
  • Cultivate communities for positive personal and professional change
  • Author your “Profile in Resilience”

    Spotlight on Archives – Research Tools and Careers for Students of International Studies

    Instructors: Dr. Sydney Van Morgan, Senior Lecturer and International Studies Program Director, and Dr. Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, Senior Lecturer and East Asian Studies Associate Director

    January 17-19, TWTh 9:00am-5:00pm, Mergenthaler 266

    Join the International Studies Program January 17-19 for a one-credit, three-day, applied course dedicated to understanding how scholars identify, access, and interpret archival sources.  In this course, students will learn how to conduct archival research, about the many archival resources on campus and in the region, and about careers as research librarians and archivists. The class will be based at Homewood but will also involve site visits to research institutions and archives in the Baltimore-DC area.  Enrollment is restricted to freshmen and sophomores. Students in all majors are welcome to enroll.


    Resources for POCs in STEAM:

    Opportunities sourced from the Hopkins Office for Undergrad Research (HOUR):

    By Maren Gonzales
    Maren Gonzales Communications Associate