And That’s a Wrap! A Look at Hire Hopkins 2022 Highlights

As the year approaches a close and 2023 comes knocking on our door, we’re overcome with reflections and gratitude for everything 2022 has brought us. In light of this, we wanted to take a look back on all that we’ve accomplished this year: from our best blog posts to our best hiring initiatives.

Most Read: Our Best Blog Posts!

We’ll start off by introducing Hire Hopkins top 3 blog posts published this year, based on which blogs got the most views:

  1. In first place, we have “Inclusive Pay is the Inclusive Way: 5 Reasons You Should Post Salaries” by Alia Poonwala and Angel Odukoya.
  2. Our runner up is, “Neurodivergence at a Glance” by Angel Odukoya.
  3. And finally, we have “The Changing Generational Values” by Angel Odukoya.

Most Attended: Our Most Popular Events!

Next, we’ll look at what events garnered the most attention, as determined by registration amount:

  1. Leading the way, we have “Future Fest 2022 Career Fair.
  2. Following in second place is “DEI Collective Summer 2023,” one of Hire Hopkins biggest hiring initiatives.
  3. For our third most popular event, we see “MCC 2022 Career Fair.”

Most Notable: DEI Collective 2.0 and 3.0 The Conclusion and The Launch

Transitioning to one of Hire Hopkins biggest hiring initiatives, the DEI Collective partners with 50+ companies (including Amazon, The New York Times, and Yahoo) to help students secure a meaningful summer internship through a series of events and a specific offering of opportunities exclusive to JHU students. 2022 saw the conclusion of the DEI Collective 2.0 in April and the launch of the DEI Collective 3.0 in August. Even prior to the conclusion of this internship year, the DEI collective has been a huge success.

Most Looked At: Our Most Popular Newsletters!

At Hire Hopkins, we send out monthly newsletters that summarize our goals and each is encapsulated in a general theme. Now, we’ll look at the top 3 newsletters our audiences liked the most as determined by click rate (number of clicks onto links in the newsletters):

  1. In first place, we have our August Newsletter. The subject here was “Our Award-Winning Diversity Intern Recruitment Program is Back!”. This newsletter sported the launch of the DEI Collective 3.0 and highlighted some of our students’ reason for accepting and rejecting certain internship offers.
  2. Trailing closely being is our July Newsletter. Here, the subject was “Your First Glance at Our Fall Recruiting Calendar.” This newsletter provided recipients with a sneak peek at what Hire Hopkins had in store for the fall and highlighted some aspects of work our students’ wished employers were more wary of.
  3. In third place, we have our June Newsletter. Here, the subject was “Our Best Performing Jobs and Links from the 21’ – 22’ Academic Year.” This newsletter showcased a student spotlight of a neuroscience PhD student over at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who shared their hiring success story.

Altogether, 2022 has been an excellent year for Hire Hopkins, and we’re eagerly waiting to see what successes 2023 has in store for our team!

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya