Carey Business School MBA program recognized as a STEM-designated program

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA program is one of only 10 in the country classified among STEM-designated programs by the US Department of Homeland Security, as of December 2022. For international students who are studying on an F-1 visa, you may be eligible for an Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension.

This designation is associated with both the Health, Technology, and Innovation track and the Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation track. The STEM designation does not necessitate any changes to our already-recognized curriculum, but it is further evidence that our MBA program produces graduates with the kind of analytical rigor and focus on data that is so in demand in the business world today. That means you will be better equipped to take on leadership roles in STEM-focused industries.

Who will benefit from this change?

Students from outside the United States who intend to stay and work here after earning their MBA will benefit the most from the Full-time MBA STEM designation. This status gives students more options, especially at companies that prefer to hire people who have work permits that are valid for longer periods of time. It also allows those students to apply for an extension to their Optional Practical Training program. If the graduate’s employment meets certain requirements, the F-1 visa validity period could be extended up to 36 months. The employment must be directly related to the MBA program as a whole, but each graduate will be evaluated on their own merits.

What will you need to do?

  1. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, Handshake account with the information that you are pursuing your MBA that is now STEM-designated and any other information to reflect your latest professional progress.
    • Example: Master of Business Administration, Analytics, Leadership, & Innovation (STEM-designated), expected May 2023 
    • Example: Master of Business Administration, Healthcare, Technology, & Innovation (STEM-designated), expected May 2023 
    • Example: Master of Public Health (STEM-designated), expected May 2024 

2. After you have updated your resume, upload it to your Handshake profile AND add it to your class resume book (see below for links).  Our Employer Relations Team is sending messages out to our employer partners and will include updated resume books for each class.  Please do NOT delay on this; employers will want this updated information ASAP!

For more information, visit Full-time MBA STEM Designation and USCIS Optional Practical Training Extension for STEM Students (STEM OPT).

By Belle To
Belle To