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A Message From Our Directors

Dear reader, 

This month, I’m preparing for mid-year reviews with our student team – roughly 8 “Gen-Z” students. As I prepare their feedback, I’m evaluating management practices that always worked well for my teams in the past and wondering what will come from them with my much younger team. For example, radical candor has always been a go-to for me, but will the harsher nature of it be too discouraging?

That’s the challenge of being a good manager: it’s constantly evolving, a never-ending learning game, and we can’t just rest on the laurels of “it worked really well for me in the past”.

In 2030, we’ll see Generation Z constitute about 30% of the workforce. Their fresh ideas on work and technology will soon impact our professional environments on a greater level. Our students Vibha Sathesh Kumar and Kayla Goldstein suggested we do an edition of the newsletter that focuses on Gen-Z talent and authored this blog post that focuses on things we can do to adapt to Gen-Z in the workplace.

If we can let go of our pre-fixed notions of how things should be and also share the non-negotiables that do work, I imagine the result of meeting in between and adapting to what’s in front of us can have some beautiful impact. It’s about staying open 🙂

One last thing – if you’re looking to hire someone whose superpower is analysis and more quantitative business skills, now is the time to register for Carey’s Hiring Week! Deadline is May 8- details below!


Alia Poonawala

Executive Director @ Hire Hopkins

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Our Team

Emma O’Rourke Powell (Associate Director)

Cris Vidal (Program Lead)

Every few years, a new generation joins the workforce, bringing with it its own set of qualities, traits, and values. According to the University of South Florida, when searching for employment, Baby Boomers sought job security, Generation X sought work-life balance and professional progress, and now, Millennials and Generation Z seek everything from a company’s ethics to a decent work-life balance. These distinctions have an influence on how employees interact and are managed.

At Hopkins, we deal with a lot of Gen Z students who are getting ready to enter the workforce and so, we have learnings of our own! Let’s dive into these learnings, as well as some of the changes we can expect to see in the future workplace.

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Future Fest 2023 Save the Date

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  • Friday, September 15th: In person  
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The MSIL program is a new master’s program that unites engineering expertise and business education, designed primarily for students with non-STEM backgrounds.

As a a partner, you’d provide course projects, as well as mentorship and internship opportunities. As a result you and are invited to network with sought-after talent. Reach out to us at msil@jhu.edu to get involved.

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By Emma O'Rourke-Powell
Emma O'Rourke-Powell