Neurodivergence at a Glance

The Inclusive Workplace Series

When considering diversity and inclusion in the workspace, oftentimes our first thoughts are towards racial, gender, or physical disability prejudice or discrimination. It’s easy to get caught up in the physical manifestation of diversity, but one …

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya
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Student Employees of the Year 2022

By Joy Paulose
Joy Paulose
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The Changing Generational Values

Examining Workplace Values from Baby Boomers to Generation Z

Today’s workforce consists of 4 generations: (ordered from oldest to youngest) Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. These generations were raised in different social and political atmospheres and therefore, …

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya
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Engineering Student Takes Walt Disney!

Engineering Student Takes Walt Disney

Meet Kristen Corlay Sanmiguel, a student of Engineering here at Johns Hopkins University. Kristen recently conducted research on the resilience of earthquakes in Mexico City, specifically one in 2017. Kristen’s project was inspired by a …

By Maureen Onyebuchukwu
Maureen Onyebuchukwu
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Job Descriptions 101: How to Capture the Eye of a Hopkins Applicant

With the rise of a new recruiting season, we wanted to look into what attracts someone to a job description/listing. More specifically, we wanted these answers to be from Hopkins students to truly get to the bottom of “What do …

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya
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The Benefits Women Look For

In 2020, the International Labour Organization and the United Nations published a comprehensive report in collaboration with the EU with specific recommended policies and practices for increasing gender equality at work.

There are five key themes, with recommended practices for …

By Alia Poonawala
Alia Poonawala Executive Director, Hire Hopkins
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Inclusive Pay is the Inclusive Way: 5 Reasons You Should Post Salaries

The Inclusive Workplace

By Alia Poonawala and Angel Odukoya

Over the past 3 years, we at Hire Hopkins have run several hiring initiatives and partnered with hundreds of companies to recruit thousands of candidates across job types, skill levels, and …

By Contributor
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Beyond Borders: Advocating with the Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (Center for Migrant Rights)

Kristen Corlay Sanmiguel
(Centro de los Derechos del Migrante Intern and InBaltimore Cohort 2022)

Kristen wearing a navy jumpsuit and a black sweater in front of the US Capitol

If there is one thing that I’m even more sure of …

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect]
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Top 5 Ways to Guarantee Your Job Gets Posted in Handshake

We have pretty high standards for our students, and that includes the opportunities we want to make available to them on Handshake.

Everyday, we have a dedicated team that combs through every job making sure it fits all the criteria …

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate
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Building a Great Mentoring Relationship

Whether it’s for the purpose of support, encouragement or even to challenge oneself, forging a mentor-mentee relationship is one of the best ways to develop one’s skills and also reach desired goals. Despite the many benefits that come with a …

By Lanre Ogungbe
Lanre Ogungbe
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5 Unexpected Skills Volunteer Service Adds to Your Career

By Keira Wilson

Over the long months of the pandemic, we have seen more than ever the power of everyday citizens engaging in meaningful service—everything from disaster relief to vaccination clinics. But feeling good about helping to address our communities’ …

By contributor
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