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Job Descriptions 101: How to Capture the Eye of a Hopkins Applicant

With the rise of a new recruiting season, we wanted to look into what attracts someone to a job description/listing. More specifically, we wanted these answers to be from Hopkins students to truly get to the bottom of “What do …

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya
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The Benefits Women Look For

In 2020, the International Labour Organization and the United Nations published a comprehensive report in collaboration with the EU with specific recommended policies and practices for increasing gender equality at work.

There are five key themes, with recommended practices for …

By Alia Poonawala
Alia Poonawala
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Scared of Burnout This Fall? Here’s How To Avoid It!

During the past fall semesters,  many students experienced the struggle of fighting to stay awake as they “went to class” by joining a Zoom lecture.

It isn’t a surprise that attending classes in their dorm continuously crossed the lines between …

By Maureen Onyebuchukwu
Maureen Onyebuchukwu
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