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Job Descriptions 101: How to Capture the Eye of a Hopkins Applicant

With the rise of a new recruiting season, we wanted to look into what attracts someone to a job description/listing. More specifically, we wanted these answers to be from Hopkins students to truly get to the bottom of “What do …

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya
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The Benefits Women Look For

In 2020, the International Labour Organization and the United Nations published a comprehensive report in collaboration with the EU with specific recommended policies and practices for increasing gender equality at work.

There are five key themes, with recommended practices for …

By Alia Poonawala
Alia Poonawala Executive Director, Hire Hopkins
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Inclusive Pay is the Inclusive Way: 5 Reasons You Should Post Salaries

The Inclusive Workplace

By Alia Poonawala and Angel Odukoya

Over the past 3 years, we at Hire Hopkins have run several hiring initiatives and partnered with hundreds of companies to recruit thousands of candidates across job types, skill levels, and …

By Contributor
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