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Brian David Gilbert Wants to Make Big, Weird Things

Sourced from: The HUB

When older relatives ask Brian David Gilbert, A&S ’16, about his career, he tells them he’s a “writer and video producer,” but the truth is much more complicated. He’s a YouTuber with over a million subscribers, …

By Georges Hatcheu
Georges Hatcheu
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Online Education Completion Lags Behind Face-to-Face Instruction

Article Sourced from Inside Higher Ed

The University of Florida’s Institute of Higher Education found students who enroll in exclusively online degree programs were less likely to complete a degree than peers who enrolled in some face-to-face courses. But certain …

By Georges Hatcheu
Georges Hatcheu
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A Wake-Up Call to the Student Affairs Profession About Male Students

Sourced From Inside Higher Ed.

Men’s participation in postsecondary education and their completion rates have been front and center in higher education in recent weeks in both the United States and Canada.

A recent report released by the Higher Education …

By Georges Hatcheu
Georges Hatcheu
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