Parents and Families

The Life Design Lab team understands that parents and families are the backbone of many of our students and an integral part in their life design journey. We welcome you to stay connected with our campus and our resources and invite our blue jay families to stay on top of everything our office has to offer to be a consistent voice for our students.

For any questions, concerns and inquiries, reach out to

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I Needed New Glasses and Got a Pair at Clymb

William Hu (Digital Media Marketing Intern and InBaltimore Cohort 2022)

“So, what is Clymb?” It took me a while to figure this out as well. It’s an organization that makes and sells emotional wellness software to school districts throughout America …

By Contributor
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Bridging the Gap from Concepts to Products: Infinite Biomedical Technologies

Taj El-Khalili (Engineering Intern and InBaltimore Cohort 2022) 

My First Ever Internship as a College Student 

I wanted to intern at a place where I would be accepted and trusted to do important work.  But was this scene illusory …

By Contributor
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Entrepreneurship never tasted so good: Tastee Tape

The story begins with four Johns Hopkins Chemical Engineering students Marie Eric, Tyler Guarino, Erin Walsh, and Rachel Nie who had to come up with their senior year project. They had to create the idea, prototype it, and had only …

By Maureen Onyebuchukwu
Maureen Onyebuchukwu
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