Residing in the Office of Provost under the Department of Integrative Learning and Life Design, PHutures is an innovative and empathy-driven career hub at Johns Hopkins University dedicated to creating equitable opportunities for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows at Johns Hopkins and beyond. PHutures offers individualized support and programmatic initiatives that connect doctoral students and postdocs with people, places, and opportunities as they leverage their degrees into impactful careers.

From one-on-one consultations to flagship events, such as the annual Horizons by Hopkins conference or Ph.D. research communication competition, PHutures staff are eager to serve the diverse and discrete career needs of graduate students and postdocs.

Learn more about upcoming events by visiting our events calendar, make an appointment on Handshake to speak with a PHutures career educator, or learn about career pathways, job search strategies, and approaches to maximizing the graduate school and postdoc experience by visiting our resource page.

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