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Taking action doesn't have to be overwhelming. Start small and find incremental ways to move toward your goal. The important thing is to act, and to do it now!

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Imagine Kickstart Kit: Masters Edition

Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester! This week’s Imagine Kickstart Kit is for students in graduate schools to help you get started with your life design journey for this semester. Maybe you have already launched your career or you are …

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Time Management Tips for a Student

Ways to Save Time
Concentrate your time and effort on one subject at a time (your brain can’t multitask!)
Take small breaks to fight boredom and increase concentration
Write notes by hand. This can help with faster internalization of the …

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Manage Stress With Healthful Eating

Starting a new semester will bring you closer to learning and less intense COVID restrictions will let you see your friends again. But returning to school, especially after a year of online classes, can be stressful. While studying hard is …

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Grow, explore, and discover with Odyssey – our non-credit liberal arts program that has been the region’s lifelong learning partner for …

Through Hopkins at Home, you can now access some of the best of what Hopkins has to offer – from …

Johns Hopkins alumni, your Alumni Association offers a variety of ways for you to continue your scholarly pursuits after graduation. …

Here are some tips and strategies to assist in the process and guide you to secure a recommendation. 

Letters of introduction are used to introduce yourself to a professional, seek opportunities or introduce your skills/talent to an organization.

The Career Planner shows you how to develop a resume, write a cover letter and prepare for a career fair.