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Asking for Letters of Recommendation

Written by Tracy Smith, Director of Undergraduate Research, The Johns Hopkins University Potential employers, scholarship and grant selection committees, and graduate school admissions offices depend heavily on recommendation letters to gain insight into applicants’ personal strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments. This kind …

By contributor
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6 tips to find your IDEAL professional mentor

Dr. Laura Salyer’s mission is to teach burned-out professionals how to rekindle their creative flow so they can re-energize their careers, decrease stress, and make better intuitive decisions. In this video,  she shares her top 6 tips for picking the …

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate
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Reverse Mentorship: What is it and How do you do it?

Turn mentoring upside down! Try reverse mentoring to gain new perspectives and insights. Here are four tips to help you get started today. See more from Mentorcliq here.

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate
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