PDCO: Postdoctoral Leadership Series - Online Course

Honing your leadership skills can enhance your career but also your career happiness. Unfortunately, we rarely take the time to work on our own professional development. We encourage you to take the time for your own professional growth. This series will focus on 12 different leadership concepts that relate specifically to a Postdoctoral Fellow. Our recommendation is to engage in one module or topic a month. Kick off the month engaging in the materials within this course. Then, spend the rest of the month on either the activities within the module, the additional resources, talking to your PI, mentors, or colleagues about the topic, practicing skills learned in the module or summarizing your thoughts in a leadership journal.

These topics can be more impactful if engaged in as part of a cohort of peers. The PDCO will be creating peer groups or you can invite a group of your own colleagues to form a cohort. If you prefer, you can engage on your own. However you engage, you have made a good decision to spend time on you. We all intrinsically know many of the concepts within these modules, but bringing them to the forefront of our minds, can help us live our career more fully and not get lost in the day to day stress of research and life’s demands.

This series is designed for postdoctoral fellows who want to develop leadership skills.

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