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Ready to post jobs and internships to students and alumni? We use Handshake to promote and drive applicants to your organization’s job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I post a job opportunity to Handshake, how many students is it being promoted to?
    Handshake is not unlike other job boards in its primary function, which is to help students connect to opportunities they might be excited about. You can choose which populations of the 20K+ students at Hopkins you’d like the role to be visible to (and can even add in other universities).
  • I’m not getting enough applications to my Handshake posting. What should I do?
    Similar to other job boards, you wouldn’t just create a listing and then wait for people to apply. You’d actively promote that job listing, create opportunities for talent to engage with that posting, and provide channels for talent to get to know your company. Once you post your job description, marketing steps may still be necessary to build a strong pipeline (which our team can advise you on and support with). To get an idea of how to engage talent at Hopkins, take a look at our talent engagement menu here.
  • How do I use Handshake and where should I get started?

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