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If you’re an employer who is interested, visit our employer DEI Collective page.

What is the DEI Collective?

Looking for an internship at a place that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (and shares where they’re at in that process)? Well, you’re in luck because the DEI Collective is here for you! We kicked things off in 2020 and 3 years later, our program is all about teaming up with awesome companies, nonprofits, and research groups that are committed to making workplaces more inclusive.

How Do I Know if the DEI Collective is Right for Me?

Our mission is to open doors and ensure that everyone has a chance to shine. We’re all about giving students from backgrounds that have faced extra challenges the tools they need to empower them and make sure their voices are included. That can include (but is not limited to) first-generation, limited income (FLI), folks from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+ students, international students, and students with disabilities, but we’re here for all of you!

How Does the DEI Collective Work?

As a student there are no applications necessary for you to join the program. You can apply to internships as-per-usual on Handshake. Job listings from DEI Collective partner companies will have “DEI Collective” labels on Handshake, so you know that you’re applying to companies whose values align with those of our program, in addition to certifying that they’ve completed our training program.

What Are the Benefits of Applying for an Internship at a DEI Collective Partner Organization?


Get exclusive access to our partners’ anti-racism and gender equality inventories, so you can see if they’re a good fit for you before you start the application process.


Get access to salary information for positions before starting the application process, all through Handshake.


Get answers whether companies decide to proceed with your application or not, so you’re not left hanging.

Want to see what companies have to say about their practices? Check out their anti-racism and gender equality inventories.

Eligibility Criteria for Companies to Join the DEI Collective

For a company to join the DEI collective, they’re required to meet certain criteria. These include:

  • Attending a DE&I training session hosted by our team
  • Completing an anti-racism and gender equality inventory (you can see the Q&As!)
  • Including salary information on any jobs they post for recruiting JHU students on Handshake
  • Contacting candidates to let them know if they choose not to proceed with their application 
  • Reporting any hires they make to our team to help us track the success of our program

Past DEI Collective Partners

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Booz Allen Hamilton
Democracy International
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
The New York Times

How Can I Get Started Applying?

Step 1: Go to Handshake. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to add your personal and professional information to your profile!

Step 2: Check out the anti-racism and gender equality inventories for any organizations that you’re interested in to see if they’re a good fit for you.

Step 3: Log into your student Handshake account (if you haven’t already) and look through the job postings. All jobs with the DEI Collective label will be visible. Take note of any you’re interested in and make sure to pay attention to job posting-specific deadlines. Prepare any necessary application materials (resume, CV, cover letter, transcript, etc.) required by individual job postings.

Step 4: Once you’re ready, apply to jobs! This will be done either externally on the organization’s website or through Handshake. It will depend on the individual job listing, where the specific application information will be present.

Step 5: Keep an eye out on your email for any follow-up emails from the organization(s) you applied to. DEIC partners are required to let you know if they choose not to proceed with your application, so you won’t be left in limbo. Good luck with your application process and stay positive!

Featured Internships

Pricing Associate

Company: ICF

Location: Hybrid | Reston, VA

US work authorization: Required

Senior Power Markets Associate

Company: ICF

Location: Hybrid | Multiple locations

US work authorization: Required

Management Consulting Mentor (Summer 2024)

Company: diiVe

Location: Remote or Onsite | Cape Town, South Africa

2024 Analytics & Sales

Company: Bloomberg

Location: Onsite | San Francisco, California

US work authorization: Required

Learn more about each of these roles (and more) on Handshake!

Student Stories

The DEI Collective has led to numerous student success stories. Hear from some of our past students to discover why they loved the DEI Collective.

“As an international student, I initially struggled to navigate the internship application process. However, I discovered the DEI Collective and found it to be an incredibly convenient resource for finding internships. The platform provided a comprehensive list of companies that supported international students, making it an easy way to find internships.”

– Muskaan Muskaan

“I didn’t think I would secure an internship last year, especially one aligned with my humanities background. However, the internship I ended up with perfectly aligned with my academic interests. I interned at Democracy International and declared my international studies major after getting the internship—it was ideal for my career trajectory.”

– Vanessa Ha

“I decided to participate in the DEI Collective because it offered a convenient way to explore internships without extensive research. It saved me a lot of time and anxiety about the application process. My internship with the Institute for Defense Analysis, a federally funded research and development center, was a unique experience.”

– Rachel Shiffman


  • There aren’t any deadlines or important dates associated with the DEI Collective program itself. Instead, these are specific to the partners organizations and their job listings themselves, just like the standard internship application process. 
  • Jobs will be posted on a rolling basis as they come in.
  • Check out the most up-to-date listings.

  • The Life Design Lab provides tons of resources to help students with the internship application process (in addition to loads of other things!).
  • Need help getting your resume ready? Make sure to tailor it to each job posting using our tips.
  • VMock provides holistic resume reviews for any career goal. You can upload your resume to get detailed feedback along with sample content and live edits from industry professionals 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.