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If you’re a current JHU student who is interested, visit our student DEI Collective page.

Join the DEI Collective for Inclusive Hiring and Training

We’re driving positive change by fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations nationwide. Established in 2020, our award-winning program partners with leading companies, non-profits, and research institutions committed to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Why Choose the DEI Collective?

Joining us means you’re taking proactive steps towards increasing access + representation of students from historically marginalized communities, empowering them with the tools to succeed, and making sure their voices are included. By becoming a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits and access to a network of like-minded thought leaders.

Membership Benefits

  • Promotion: Gain visibility among 50,000+ prospective job candidates and 50+ identity-based student organizations.
  • Candidate Pool: Attract applications from 8,000+ actively seeking candidates.
  • Community: Join a dynamic community of thought leaders + organizations committed to prioritizing DE&I in their workplace.

Membership Requirements

To ensure a successful partnership, we ask members to:

  • Attend a DE&I training session offered by Hire Hopkins.
  • Complete an anti-racism and gender equality inventory, contributing to transparency and understanding.
  • Share salary information on JHU’s job portal for roles recruiting Hopkins students.
  • Let candidates know if you choose not to proceed with their application.
  • Report on any hires made through our program to help us track the success of this initiative.

Our Diverse Student Community


of undergraduate students identify as FLI (First-Generation and/or Limited-Income)


of undergraduate students have had at least one internship experience


of undergraduate students identify as Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Multiracial, or Indigenous


undergraduate students across 3 schools


master’s students across 9 schools


doctoral students across 8 schools

Student Stories

Hear firsthand from students about the impact the DEI Collective had on them.

“As an international student, I initially struggled to navigate the internship application process. However, I discovered the DEI Collective and found it to be an incredibly convenient resource for finding internships. The platform provided a comprehensive list of companies that supported international students, making it an easy way to find internships.”

– Muskaan Muskaan

“I didn’t think I would secure an internship last year, especially one aligned with my humanities background. However, the internship I ended up with perfectly aligned with my academic interests. I interned at Democracy International and declared my international studies major after getting the internship—it was ideal for my career trajectory.”

– Vanessa Ha

“I decided to participate in the DEI Collective because it offered a convenient way to explore internships without extensive research. It saved me a lot of time and anxiety about the application process. My internship with the Institute for Defense Analysis, a federally funded research and development center, was a unique experience.”

– Rachel Shiffman

Past DEIC Partners

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Booz Allen Hamilton
Democracy International
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
The New York Times

Company Testimonials

“DEIC is a wonderful opportunity for students who are far too often overlooked by universities with regard to providing professional development opportunities during undergraduate and graduate studies. It is also a great opportunity for businesses to act on their own DEIB/DEI/JEDIA promises and create and build internship programs centered around DEIB.


“I love that this collective is focused on helping with diversity. I was a first-generation college student and I wish there had been a program like this when I was in college. We were able to schedule interviews with some great candidates and I am excited to be working with a few of them this summer. I only wish that we had enough spaces to take all of the ones that we wanted.”

– CVPath Institute

“I appreciate the fact that schools are willing to connect with employers to give them the platform to speak to students and engage with them more. The initiative shows the school really cares and gives opportunities to folks who may not know of all the resources and opportunities available to them!” 

– Bloomberg

“Number one is the thoughtful and holistic approach the JHU team is taking with this being an initiative specifically targeting students from underrepresented backgrounds. Not only does your team care that students land an internship, but they also are supported and feel safe in their role.”

– Aetion

“Not only was it supporting a great initiative, but we were really happy with the quality of the candidates. We also appreciated the education that went along with the selection and hiring process.” 

– Strider Intel

“The values and mission of the DEI collective resonate with and are reflective of the values and mission of Innovation Works and Ignite Capital organizationally and are standards we encourage the enterprises with whom we work to adopt and champion as they grow.”

– Ignite Capital/Innovation Works

Interested in Joining?

The program has closed for the 2023-2024 cycle. We will reopen the program in August. Sign up using our employer interest form to be the first to find out about the DEI Collective 5.0 when it opens in August.


Over the past 3 years, we ran a much more operationally involved hiring initiative as part of the DEI Collective. After collecting 3 years of data and feedback from internal partners, employers, and students, we’ve decided to split the program into more bespoke offerings to make the program more scalable.   

As a result, the DEI Collective in its 4th iteration is both a training program and a way for companies to reflect through the DEIC inventory (an anti-racism and gender equality inventory based on the work of Roderick Lewis) and share those reflections + realities with students.

In this iteration, employers can have full autonomy over timelines and their actions in with students. We believe this will ultimately allow us to scale the program to match more employers and students with meaningful internships and jobs, and ultimately lead to even better outcomes.

  • Special promotion to 50K+ job candidates and 50+ identity-based student organizations.  
  • Drive applications from 8K+ actively seeking candidates.
  • Gain access to a dynamic community of thought leaders and organizations prioritizing DE&I in their workplace.

We’re pointing students to Handshake, where we have the DEI Collective label applied to the company, and to their roles. Additionally, we’re engaging in direct marketing to students through assorted channels (campus branding, emails, social media). Finally, we’ve built an internal-facing page so students can review the Employer Inventories.

Diversifying your hiring funnel is just the first step; students want to see that the workplaces they are entering have equity and inclusion (and in turn, their trajectories) in mind. To understand the differences between “D,” “E” and “I”, we recommend this resource (and our training, of course!)

This program is an opportunity for you to reflect on making your workplace more equitable and inclusive and to start taking action in community, one step at a time.

We offer this program and the associated training for free. However, we rely on you to abide by the program requirements, and each member must be committed to fairly compensating their student interns.

The Employer Inventories are hosted on a JHU SharePoint site, that requires students to be logged in as Hopkins students to view it.

Yes! The best way to stay abreast of engagement opportunities is through our newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter if you’re not currently receiving it.

Some opportunities from this recent newsletter include:

  • International Career Collective Employer Expo. Sign up for advanced degree and/or undergraduate.
  • Engineering and Tech career fair February 23rd from 12-4pm.
  • And a few events to save the date for: STEM Career Fair (2/23); Public Health Career Fair (3/1); School of Education Networking (1/27); Carey Business School recruiting (assorted).

Regarding the DEI Collective, filling out the Inventory with clear language that’s specific. Be concise, transparent & accountable.

Beyond the Collective:

  • Look for opportunities, via the newsletter, to connect with students at events. We’ve found that companies that engage with our students outside of just job postings receive more attention from our students.
  • Check out some of our recent blog posts, such as this post where we discuss what stands out to students in a Job Description, or this post on Gen Z.