Life Design Lab Staff

At the heart of The Life Design Lab (LDL) located in the Imagine Center, our dedicated team is passionate about helping students unlock their full potential and explore what is possible.

We are here to empower all students, regardless of major, year, and social capital, to explore a myriad of exciting career and life paths, fostering an environment where curiosity and ambition thrive. Our mission is, not only to facilitate learning, but also to provide invaluable connections and mentorship within their chosen field, bridging the gap between education, immersive experiences, and real-world opportunities. Let’s embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, skill-building, and networking that will pave the way for your future success together!

Find Your Educator to Connect:

  • Amailie Santos Rivera (KSAS – Sciences)
  • Caitlin Broccoli (WSE – Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Eric Mason (KSAS – Humanities)
  • Kate Barrett (KSAS – Social Science)
  • Lemoine Joseph (WSE – Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences)
  • Keira Wilson (KSAS – Public Health)
  • Sarah Connelly (WSE – AMS & Civil Engineering)
  • Marsha Hammond (WSE – Biomedical Engineering)
  • Ashley Schantz (Senior Director, Undergraduate Education)

  • Laura Fajin-Riveiro (AAP)
  • Mark Savage (WSE – On-Campus & EP)
  • Sonjala Williams (WSE – AMS Department)
  • Yasir Kurt (Director – Graduate Educators)

  • Aiyana Hamilton (Center for Student Success)
  • Andrea Wiseman (WSE – First Year Experience)
  • Antonio Boone (Student Athletes)
  • Chloe Terrell (Leadership Engagement and Experiential Development)
  • Clifton Shambry (Center for Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Beatriz Gutierrez-Malagon (KSAS-First Year Experience)
  • Stacey Mitchell (International Students & Global Education)
  • Ashley Adams (Sr. Director, Life Design, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Matthew Golden

Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate and Masters Life Design

Matthew, a native Connecticuter (some would say “Nutmegger”), is a problem-solving creative who loves collaborative efforts, healthy competition and finding ways to support and serve others.  Having spent time as a professional musician while leading a team of marketing and communications professionals, as well as a multimedia producer while serving former NFL players in their transition to life after football, Matthew has lived and continues to love the principles of design thinking and exploring wildly varied opportunities. He has guided teams in higher education through organizational change and experienced success developing brand identities across industries.  If Matthew could tell his college-self anything, he would encourage him to pay less attention to which doors are open and which are closed down the hallway, and more to the quality and direction of the immediate next step.


Connect with Matthew on Twitter: @matthewagolden


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