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As more PhDs pursue careers outside academia, internships can help make the transition easier and open doors to new career paths.

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July 2023

Today’s graduate students come from a diverse blend of backgrounds, disciplines and career aspirations, each with distinct needs and expectations of their university’s career services. Nestled within this academic milieu, career services act as a crucial conduit, bridging scholarly pursuits with the multifaceted demands of the professional realm.

Inside Higher Ed

October 2023

JHU Alumni mentor through both formal and informal opportunities offered by Integrative Learning and Life Design, in partnership with the Alumni Association

The Hub

July 2023

Empower Your Pitch! contest challenges Johns Hopkins doctoral students to present their work in an engaging, unconventional manner.

The Hub

May 2023

Over 2,000 students gathered to explore the opportunities of over 100 employers at the fourth annual Future Fest Career Fair on Friday, Sept. 15. The event was part of the Life Design Lab’s Future Fest, which intends to connect Hopkins students with employers, graduate schools and alumni.

JHU News – Letter

September 2023

Justin Lorts, senior director of undergraduate education at the Life Design Lab at Johns Hopkins University, shares his top five tips for what not to do when looking for a job.


May 2023

A student walks on the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University.

To be engines of economic mobility, colleges need to focus less on providing basic job information and more on helping students build professional networks, writes Julia Freeland Fisher of the Clayton Christensen Institute.


May 2023

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