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Kevin takes pride in his work and I can depend on him to get things done and get things done right.

Kevin Centeno
[Malaika] is a trusted student leader who leads by example and has the knowledge and expertise that is unbelievably valuable. Maliaka can quickly learn complicated systems and commits to departmental standards. She is a hands-on employee who can identify problems and needs and then bring them to the attention of our staff.

Malaika Voyou
Seth regularly seeks ways to improve the user experience at the Makerspace and goes above and beyond when working with individuals to help them problem-solve a prototype or learn a new skill. Having worked with several student workers at Hopkins, Seth is a shining example of hard work, technical skill, professionalism, and a collaborative spirit.

Seth Jayawardane
[Abby] is efficient, intelligent, and flexible and demonstrates a precise attention to detail. Abby performs her work with skill, care, and thoughtfulness. She approaches challenges with a collaborative spirit and a willingness to learn new systems along the way. She is highly motivated to succeed and to support her peers and colleagues in their own success.

Abby Russell
[Briana] is attentive—able to sense a patron in need even when her focus is elsewhere. She is courteous—capable of being a warm and welcoming presence to those on or approaching the Desk. She is also diligent—ready to do work or create work for herself when supervising staff is too busy to delegate responsibilities during a shift.

Briana Zhang
[Eben] is a great communicator and very dependable – Quick turnaround, creates impeccable social media flyers, logos at short notice. [She is] a pleasure to work with and very open to feedback. Team members enjoy working with her.

Eben Woo
Dylan is warm, cheerful and ready to help. Dylan is an outstanding student worker-always going above and beyond the call of duty. Dylan has broken my scale for undergraduate student workers by completing tasks with the utmost speed and precision… all the while being consistently cheerful and engaging.

Gwendolyn (Dylan) Lucke
Jenna is always willing to take on new tasks. Jenna’s greatest attributes are producing excellent work, having a strong work ethic, and meticulous attention to detail.

Jenna Wolfanger
Through his efforts, the team has remained focused and productive, despite difficult obstacles. [Jerome’s] outstanding qualifications, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence make [him] a deserving candidate for this award.

Jerome Francis
Mr. Simmons is bright and engaging, and his constant smile and positive “can-do” attitude are refreshing. Mr. Simmons’s passion for helping others was on full display in this position. Mr. Simmons’s significant contributions towards enhancing my classes make him stand out.

Jonas Simmons
[Kinsey] approaches each unique task with curiosity and eagerness to familiarize herself with the field of development. Kinsey’s steadfast dedication has demonstrated her deep understanding of the importance of philanthropy. Her poise, outstanding communication skills, and genuine way of connecting with people are just a few of her admirable qualities.

Kinsey Thorpe
Miseok is one of our most detail-oriented students while also being our fastest at getting things accomplished. The work she does allows the rest of the staff to focus on our customers and projects so that we can better serve everyone.

Miseok Kim
With minimal direction, Nicole works independently to identify student support groups, develop a script, film the video, and edit it. She takes direction well and works hard to adhere to brand standards.

Nicole Ucheya
Taylor is always eager and ready when we ask him to retrieve equipment, assist us in organizing the storage rooms, or making new flyers for the lab space. He is one of our most creative students. Taylor’s work in this position has created a sense of community on a new level we did not have before between the lab and our department.

Taylor Nguyen
Isidora is a delightful team member. She combines efficiency with meticulousness in her research. I have mentored over 100 trainees… [Isadora is] among the most promising in terms of a future research career.

Isidora Diaz-Carr
Jane is constantly searching for new opportunities and gaining new knowledge. She proacti vely searches for new resources for our patients, refusing to take no for an answer and I find that inspiring. Jane is the embodiment of curiosity and responsibility.

Jane Min
[Rena] is able to communicate effectively and motivate her team members to achieve their goals, which has helped to create a positive and productive work environment. Rena’s ability to lead by example and inspire others is a true asset to our office and has helped to foster a culture of excellence and collaboration.

Rena Bi
Kahea uses a “student first” mentality in her approach to her work with our Center, always thinking how she can use her skills to best engage the students and community we serve in an authentic and meaningful way.

Kahealani Chai
[Sophia] has brought a flavor of creativity uncommon at the DMC and gets people excited about what we have to offer.

Sophia Danuszar
Alejandro has stepped outside of his role of Housing Assignment Student Staff, to help us learn more ways to better on-campus living, and provide a great JHU experience for our students. We can’t wait to experience the impact he will make in his community and in this world.

Alejandro Escobosa
Ziwei (Peter) has been outstanding. He received rave reviews for the fall semester. This semester, he has been excellent, going above and beyond what would be reasonable to expect from a graduate student, let alone an undergraduate.

Ziwei Hu
Due to his ability to complete a task efficiently, accurately, and promptly, Morgan has become our go-to person for many special projects. Morgan’s helpful nature, his calm demeanor and professionalism, and his eagerness to take on any project we may ask of him throughout the WSE Dean’s Office is why I think he is very deserving of the honor of being selected for [this]…Award.

Morgan Irosonna
Anushka’s hard work, dedication, and flexibility makes her the perfect candidate for the Student of the Year nominations. Sr. Research Coordinators in our group have voiced to me just how important she has been to the success of their studies. Her help has also caused a decrease in stress regarding monitor visits and upcoming deadlines.

Anushka Kesavan
[Mariana has] demonstrated to the team and my higher-ups that she is reliable, teachable, eager to learn, and calm under pressure. In Winter 2023 we promoted her to Technician level 2…what impressed me the most was that she was already training the newer student employees…before the promotion. A promotion well earned.

Mariana Ledesma Selvera
Yeongseo’s dedication, enthusiasm, and exceptional work ethic have been exemplary. Her great personality and dedication have also been a tremendous benefit to both the students and the JHU community. She has a unique talent for inspiring students and communicating with them effectively. Moreover, what sets Yeongseo apart from others is her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Yeongseo Lim
[Kyli] has proven to be one of our most valuable student workers for both her work ethic and her attention to detail. Kyli is always eager to learn and work on something new within our department. She is very proactive and does her best to ensure a smooth student experience at the lab. Kyli’s work in this position has not only improved our department and how we work, but also several students’ experience with this lab.

Kyli Murphy
[Nikko’s] dependability and maturity as a Student Usher stood out among her peers and we quickly promoted her. Nikko was always willing to take on new roles and responsibilities to assist in the enjoyable and safe return of audiences to our performances. Though a student herself, Nikko manages and leads her peers with grace and understanding.

Nikko Musuraca
Josh…has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, initiative, and motivation. In addition to his exceptional technical skills, Josh has demonstrated outstanding personal qualities that set him apart from others. He consistently brings a kind and friendly attitude to the team, making him an approachable and relatable leader.

Josh Nakka
Mr. Sukonik actively listens, thinks outside the box, is readily available to meet any and all challenges. Further, he is not afraid to ask questions, lead discussions nor admit mistakes. Harry is consistent in his thorough preparation for any given situation and expects the same of his peers.

Harry Sukonik
“Olivia is awesome! She helped me manage my classes better and feel less overwhelmed by the college workload. I definitely feel more confident and prepared for the week after our weekly sessions!” Olivia’s positive attitude and dedication to the program have been of great value.

Qinyuan (Olivia) Wu

[Alyssa] is able to communicate and interact positively and effectively with faculty, staff and students in a clear and friendly manner both orally and in writing. [She] provides great value and quality work to the professional skills courses (PSCs) program at SAIS. With the help from [Alyssa], the PSCs program has received high ratings and positive evaluations from students.

Alyssa Anderson
From the moment we interviewed [Andrew], we were impressed with his level of intelligence and maturity. Andrew has repeatedly demonstrated initiative, and goes over and above with every task we assign to him. He is constantly looking to assist us, and also looks for ways to improve our systems and procedures. He works really well with our staff and faculty, and our students adore him!

Andrew Sheahan
Ani’s talents…extend well beyond organizational skills. He is one of the elite graduate student thinkers to have graced the Economics Department. He has natural gift for teaching. Many elite thinkers find newbie questions to be annoying. Ani revels in opportunities to make complex concepts accessible to a wide audience.

Ani Ghosh
In addition, to prioritizing her own learning as a full-time graduate nursing student, Brittany also considers the needs of others serving as a compassionate listening ear and sounding board. A true leader that leads by example. She always comes with a smile on her face to eagerly helping however she can.

Brittany Cook
As a quick learner with excellent attention to detail [Iris] has been a key member of the Office of Innovative Learning, Design, and Assessment (OILDA) team. Iris’s work has impacted approximately 30% of all SOE online courses, and accounts for 15% of the time spent in instructional design support of the TFA MSEd program. More difficult to quantify is how much Iris’s contribution has helped to make a challenging time more manageable.

Caiwei (Iris) Tang
Caroline was also nimble and quick to respond to many revisions to our recruitment materials. The result is some of the most elegant and professional recruitment materials we have used in any of any of studies. In summary, Caroline’s work ethic and work quality are superb. She has done an outstanding job balancing this demanding part-time position with her full-time responsibilities as a student (coursework and thesis research), maintaining a 4.0 GPA in our MHS program.

Caroline Wang
Emily has been quick to listen and slow to judge and always goes out of her way to help students and staff alike. Emily’s energy is contagious and her smile will brighten the darkest of days. She never assumes to know it all and is always ready and willing to learn. She also exudes kindness from the moment she enters the building to the moment she leaves.

Emily Lasher
Emily’s work with the Scientific Subcommittee of the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning was outstanding and contributed significantly to the success of the conference. She exemplifies the leadership and passion of an ideal Bloomberg School of Public Health Master’s candidate.

Emily Sanchez
In her position, Emma effortlessly balanced numerous competing priorities and deadlines. In addition to Emma’s stellar work ethic, she also has a genuine desire to learn new skills and tasks. Throughout her employment there she was approached with the opportunity to be trained on a new task were numerous occasions where — and took new opportunities in stride.

Emma Miner
Serena is the most motivated and dedicated student I have worked with. Serena took [on] all the responsibilities independently and required almost no supervision. Also, she performs an amazing work ethic and excellent time management skills. She offered the impressive skills in graphic design [and] handled heavy external communication process…with the extreme tight deadlines.

Fang Ching (Serena) Liu
Fouzia’s strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills make her a natural leader through expected and unexpected challenges, and her exceptional work ethic and easy demeanor made her a reliable and pleasant addition to the team. Her proactive and positive attitude contributed greatly to the success of ICFP, and her dedication to curating a competitive scientific program showcasing important new research in family planning and reproductive health was noted by many who worked with her.

Fouzia Khan
Her example set has paved the pathway for student successes on our team and in sustaining cross-country collaborations, and she has contributed to the successful completion of substantial project milestones. Haley’s superb execution of work, attention to detail and insightful questions/comments supplement the entire work portfolio of the team! As such, Haley has excelled in both individual-led (self-paced) projects and group-based projects.

Haley Sisel
Through her work with the GRA, [Jamila] displayed clear leadership, consistent patience, innovative thinking, and excellent quality of work. Without Jamila, the GRA would not have launched successfully. Jamila is an extraordinary young leader and is a clear and demonstrated asset to any team she is on.

Jamila Asker
She continuously exhibits great integrity and acts responsibly with the interests of our division, ILLD, and the larger JHU community in mind. Not only is Jialu receptive to instruction and is highly capable of quickly digesting what she learns, but she also proactively approaches staff to see how she can further assist, contribute to their work and obtain information in order to become even more efficient in her duties.

Jialu Li
Kamini consistently volunteers to assume duties far beyond what she is assigned. She continues to excel in her academic studies at the same time. As Kamini’ s supervisor, I witnessed her extraordinary knowledge and commitment first hand. I have been consistently impressed with Kamini’ s attitude and productivity during the time that she has worked with us.

Kamini Reddy
She has demonstrated leadership skills in training new staff members, leading small-group study meetings and providing excellent and helpful input at larger study meetings. She is widely recognized as a “star” staff member by our entire team. Kayla is the BEST student research assistant I have ever worked with –she is consistently outstanding and committed.

Kayla Hurt
Her ability to connect with faculty and show her talent on more advanced topics are truly superior. She is well organized, reliable and displays a positive attitude every day. [Keunhee] showed an ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

Keunhee Kim
Emi’s technical work has truly shined…alongside her outstanding personality, including her ambition to learn, contribute to, and lead projects; her initiative to take on additional tasks and anticipate needs; and her reliability to complete tasks with focus and care. She demonstrates a true commitment to learning and to our work in global public health and development. Emi is hard-working, dedicated, and curious.

Leticia Ebihara
[Manya] excels with technology and is fast to troubleshoot any tech issues and address streamlining workflow of notetaking accommodation provision. She also demonstrates attention to detail in administering students exams and is a friendly face when students walk through the door. Manya is thorough in her work, attentive and dependable, she is committed to fostering an equitable atmosphere for students with disabilities.

Manya Viral Shah
Maria has excelled in her ability to communicate clearly to…stakeholders. She is very organized and has been able to managed all her responsibilities and report in a timely and effective manner with co-chairs in different environments including dean at the School of Public Health, community members, leadership at Centro SOL, policymakers, organizations decision makers, etc.

Maria Ruiz
Their skills and demeanor facilitate positive relationship with the community and high-quality data, supporting better understanding of struggles faced by trans and non-binary individuals in Baltimore. Their insights helping us iteratively adjust our interview process, and have overall been thought provoking, which again enhances the quality of the work we produce through this critical engagement

Marina Schor
Our department would stop operating if Marta left. Marta always approaches me with a proposed solution instead of bringing me the problem itself. She takes into account all the priorities we’ve committed to and then adjusts accordingly. Marta is always willing to take on more responsibilities to support me or her team members when they are overwhelmed.

Marta Sliwa
She is truly collaborative in her interactions with the full research team, and she is able to speak effectively across disciplines, a skill that is absolutely essential for successful multidisciplinary research. Mena is a deep thinker. Mena is always flexible as a researcher and pays careful attention to research rigor. Mena brings so much more to the research than just running statistical analyses when we ask her to. She is truly engaged in the research, does her part to ensure scientific rigor, helps others to move forward with related research, and does it all with poise and professionalism.

Mena Ru
Monika worked tirelessly as part of the ICFP team and went above and beyond what was called of her. Monika is a remarkable young leader and has gone above and beyond what is asked of her to consistently exceed expectations. Her presence and work at ICFP made an impact on not only the conference, but the lives of ICFP youth, particularly French speaking youth.

Monika Watat
Nabila is able to take on new tasks independently and ask for help when needed. She also participates in projects to which she is not directly assigned, helping other students and serving as a test subject. Her work…has not only relieved me of a great burden (as I can depend on the quality and timeliness of her work) [it] also helps take it in new directions. She has clearly demonstrated the perseverance, initiative, mental ability, and good humor needed to be successful in advanced work.

Nabila Ali
In the period since I have known Rachel I have relied on her judgement and leadership in navigating the music preparation needs of the large ensembles that Peabody offers. Working with Rachel is a true pleasure as she takes considerable pride in her work and is always looking for more opportunities to improve her knowledge and skills.

Rachel Riese
She has shown enthusiasm and flexibility for the team with how easily she develops and fosters relationships in spite of being under rotating supervisors. She is an asset to the team for her initiative, problem solving, superior customer service, and being a role model to other student workers especially with high value work production.

Sara Halim
Sehyun doesn’t mind a teamwork approach, lending a hand on large office projects. Yet he also shows leadership, drive, and initiative on the projects that he owns. He assists with providing important momentum on projects that could otherwise have stalled or bogged down. We admire Sehyun’s sant, steady interactions with our office and its colleagues and users.

Sehyun Cho
The greatest attributes that set Mr. You apart from other graduate students I have trained or employed as research assistants is clear communication, his attention to detail, and his willingness to listen and learn. His work ethics are superb, and the progress he made on my project is comparable to a final year PhD student. He is an exemplary student and researcher, and has surpassed all my expectations from graduate students.

Shengjun You
Simone was innovative in thinking of ways to improve course materials. Simone has the intelligence, passion, caring and values to represent Johns Hopkins University as student of the year.

Simone Casciaro
During our work together, I noted how Mr. Shukla is incredibly collaborative, receptive to feedback, and organized. Even when working in separate locations from my main office, he has consistently displayed a high degree of maturity, adaptability, independence, dependability, and perseverance to continue to help the investigation move forward.

Suryansh Shukla
I believe that Vinay’s greatest attribute as a leader is his ability to empathize with his fellow graduate students. Vinay Mahajan’s exceptional leadership skills, initiative, and motivation to help his fellow graduate students make him a standout nominee for the Student of the Year award.

Vinay Mahajan
Vladimir put a lot of effort into his TA work, going above and beyond expectations. Let me quote one of the students: “Vlad’s recitations are typically very useful for the homework, and they are always well put together and organized.” Vladimir was generous with his time, helping struggling students outside of his office hours.

Vladimir Strokov
Ying has proven herself to be an outstanding research assistant and staff member for our Institute. She took on each and every task she was assigned without fail. If she did not have the skills or full understanding of the task to complete the job, she asked for guidance, and accepted each task as an opportunity to learn. Ying has exceptional organizational and creative skills.

Ying Zhang
[Younga] is diligent and can a lways finish the task that I gave to her. Students enjoyed her facilitation and appreciated her sharing of her experiences and knowledge.

Younga Kim
Yuval…plays the trumpet and teaches in OrchKids. She directs the Future in Music Program, a non-profit organization dedicated to “promoting access to high quality education to brass players who are marginalized on the basis of gender or may not have such access.” What makes Yuval…such [an] outstanding employee is [her] wholehearted embrace of the ideals at the heart of the course. [She is] unfailingly welcoming towards and curious about our guests. [She is] genuinely invested in Baltimore.

Yuval Tessman-Bar-On
Fayez has been an engaged, persistent, and diplomatic member of our team. He draws upon years of startup and innovation advising in his home country to engage with our accelerator programs in a deep and meaningful way. Fayez navigates these dynamics with skill and a confidence that is never undermined by ego or arrogance, but instead is marked by curiosity and an authentic desire to be helpful.

Fayez Ahmed
Amy is a harpist…and creates her own beautiful music as a singer-songwriter. What makes Amy…such [an] outstanding employee is [her] wholehearted embrace of the ideals at the heart of the course. [She is] unfailingly welcoming towards and curious about our guests. [She is] genuinely invested in Baltimore.

Amy Ahn
Jane continues to amaze me every day with her extraordinary abilities and her dedications to scientific research. Jane has exceptional attention to details. She is always willing to help other members in need, serving as a mentor for a summer undergraduate student and many PhD rotation students. She is an outstanding example for her fellow students

Ye Jin Lee
Matty is idyllic as a student employee in that he has managed to match his efforts for internal JHU team effectiveness with his external efforts in building and supporting the community stakeholder relationships that drive our research forward. His ability to understand and proliferate in that dynamic, as well as give 100% to the boots-on-the-ground field support, all the while as a student is what I believe postures him as the student employee of the year.

Matthew Aubourg
I have never witnessed a student employee/intern who is so competent, dedicated and professional [as Abdul]. Abdul demonstrated capacity to manage and assume greater responsibility, and he led many of the pre-implementation meetings and trainings, and he has become the “Go To” resource prior to and after implementation.

Abdul Basit
Jochebed brought energy, curiosity, and support for students to her work each class. She took the initiative to reach out to students who fell behind in course work, and she met with them one on one to assist them in getting back on track. Our student evaluations spoke highly of Jochebed.

Jochabed Cadet
Mr. Cao has demonstrated to be a student with exceptional dedication and technical skills. Mr. Cao has been an essential contributor to all of our lab’s projects, collaborating well with other lab members. I am confident that Mr. Cao’s academic achievements, research experience, and outstanding abilities make him worthy of this award.

Tianyu Cao
Joseph is an excellent team player and asset. Joseph is a thoughtful and engaged community member at JHU. Joseph has been the role model of a graduate student leader, transfering his knowledge to undergraduates and junior graduate students generously in so many different avenues. He is genuinely interested in the wellbeing and growth of new students. We are so very proud of him for all his efforts devoted to research, teaching, and mentoring.

Joseph Choy
[Catherine] is responsive…and often makes…changes in real-time or that same day. She is responsive to our team’s needs. Catherine wants our team, including this team member, to feel like they’re contributing but not become overwhelmed. Catherine’s commitment to both our study community and the School of Nursing community is incredible.

Catherine Clair
Cortesi’s working style is collaborative but critical. He is skillful in linking his studies in comparative politics to the research on governance by suggesting relevant literature, providing precise feedback, challenging underlying assumptions, and providing methodological support.

Sebastián Cortesi
[Peiyue] shows initiative by seeking solutions to problems and always asking deep and inquisitive questions regularly. What makes Peiyue such a valuable employee is her incredible work ethic. She is responsive, smart, always on time, and willing to work overtime on her job.

Peiyue He
Dylan brings a unique combination of skills and interests to his current work. Besides his strong work ethic, Dylan is an excellent communicator with a consistent attention to detail. An excellent collaborator, Dylan exhibits a natural curiosity, and a passion for learning is evident in his work.

Dylan Heid
Dillon, a trumpet player, has increasingly broadened his musical focus to include music outside of the standard repertoire, particularly Baroque and contemporary work. What makes Dillon…such [an] outstanding employee is [his] wholehearted embrace of the ideals at the heart of the course. [He is] unfailingly welcoming towards and curious about our guests. [He is] genuinely invested in Baltimore.

Dillon Parker
Katarina’s work has been particularly important in connecting students to key players in the industry. She has gone above and beyond to organize field visits. Her efforts have given students the opportunity to gain firsthand experience and see firsthand the implementation of sustainable infrastructure practices.

Katarina Matovic
We have relied on their knowledge…when new staff was hired and have looked to them to assist in training new interns and shaping ensemble management best practices. Angela is competent as well as personable, and can always be relied on to be accurate, punctual, and self-guided. Angela’s work…has helped bridge departmental workflow gaps between ensemble coordinators and the library, directly impacting timelines and the quality of the department’s work as a whole.

Angela Ortiz
Ran’s attitude toward the work our department gave her was amazing. She was upbeat, excited, and ready to get the job done; even though many of the tasks were repetitive. She tackled every request with optimism and a “can do” attitude. Ran was the epitome of what a Student Employee of the Year should be. It was my pleasure to work with her.

Tongyao Ran
Mr. Seo has taken every learning opportunity during his residency and thus, is an outstanding student employee. He remains flexible and open-minded like a sponge. Joony states his opinions freely but is always seeking to absorb new information and change his assumptions in response to new ideas. This serves to his advantage as he is comfortable jumping into unfamiliar topics and projects.

Jung Hyun Seo
Carolyna was very organized and professional, and…had a great rapport with the students. [One] praised her attention to detail and her care for the students, noting that she went above and beyond to ensure that the students had a positive learning experience. [The students] appreciated her ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and engaging way, and many mentioned memorable experiences they had in the lab sessions

Carolyna Yamamoto Alves Pinto