How to Build Professional Development into Your Coursework in Grad School

As midterms finish up, and final papers season is upon us, I encourage you to think about what else you can do with your research papers. Use it as a chance to connect with your professors, alumni, and experts in your target industry. See if you can get it published, and think of it as a future writing sample.

Never let a paper be just a paper. Let it be a reason to:

1. Connect with your professor during his or her office hours

This one-on-one face time with a professor is invaluable. There you can seek his/her insight on your paper topic, and he/she can connect you with resources and contacts that may prove helpful. 

2. Interview an alum/expert and ask about the challenges/ current debates that would make your work even more timely (and immediately useful)

Connect with an expert and ask them what issues they would research if they were back in graduate school, and then write that paper! 

Many busy, working professionals would love the opportunity to outsource their research interests to eager and enthusiastic young researchers like yourself! Think of it as a mini-consultancy– and offer to help when and where you can.

(If you’re struggling to find alumni to connect to reach out to me, I’ll show you some tips and tricks).

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Originally written by Rebecca Aman, March 15, 2021