Parents and Families

The Life Design Lab team understands that parents and families are the backbone of many of our students and an integral part in their life design journey. We welcome you to stay connected with our campus and our resources and invite our blue jay families to stay on top of everything our office has to offer to be a consistent voice for our students.

For any questions, concerns and inquiries, reach out to

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Imagine Kickstart Kit: Undergraduate Students

The 2021 academic year kicks off and more than ever, we welcome you back on campus for the Fall semester!

Getting a college degree is an important step in your life. The knowledge that you’re going to get this year …

By contributor
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5 Ways Leadership Can Enhance On-Campus Employment

When students take on-campus positions, oftentimes, this is their first exposure to post-academic careers. One major aspect of any career is how the leadership interacts, connects, and encourages professional growth. Here are 5 ways supervisors can optimize the on-campus employment …

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate
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Vision Chat: The Future of Social Justice with Wes Moore

By Wes Moore The Future of Social Justice

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