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Frequently Asked Questions

Handshake is not unlike other job boards in its primary function, which is to help students connect to opportunities they might be excited about. You can choose which populations of the 20K+ students at Hopkins you’d like the role to be visible to (and can even add in other universities).

Like other job boards, you wouldn’t just create a listing and then wait for people to apply. You’d actively promote that job listing, create opportunities for talent to engage with that posting, and provide channels for talent to get to know your company. Once you post your job description in Handshake, marketing steps may still be necessary to build a strong pipeline (which our team can support with). To get an idea of how to engage talent at Hopkins, take a look at our talent engagement menu.

Here’s a user guide for employers on how to set up an account and get a position posted.

Visit SMILE, the University Experiential Learning platform. It connects employers with current students looking for paid campus internships and employment opportunities.

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Hiring Events

Whether you’re looking to engage with specific populations or work with students across JHU’s divisions, hiring events are the place to start. Our schools and partners host programs throughout the year designed to help you find the right talent for you.

A Year in Hiring Events

Want to learn more about these initiatives? Visit our Events and Outcomes page.

Talent Engagement Menu

  • Build Your Brand

  • Get Resumes

  • Connect with Students 1-1

  • Help Upskill

  • Employer Information Sessions: Host information sessions on-campus, at work, or virtually to identify and meet interested candidates, market your organization, and advertise available job or internship opportunities.

    Speaking Engagements: Prospective employers provide unique and varied perspectives on current business issues through formal and informal meetings with students.

    Industry Panels: We invite industry professionals to share insights, advice, and knowledge with students through panel discussions.

    Employer Treks: Employers inform students on a company’s mission, culture, and overall industry while engaging with potential candidates.

    Student Clubs: Engage with us through numerous student organizations targeted to specific industries and degree programs. Student clubs routinely host networking sessions, employer site visits, case competitions, speaking engagements, and other activities.

  • Job Opportunities: Post jobs and internships for students and alumni via Handshake, a private online network and career services platform. Postings can be distributed to targeted audience segments.

    Resume Books: Resumes for specific requisitions and job functions are available to potential employers for review and consideration.

    Hiring Events: We run hiring events throughout the year, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates first!

  • Coffee Chats: Network with students in a casual, one-on-one setting to share insights into company culture, roles in the workplace, or general career advice. Coffee chats typically last 15-30 minutes and are scheduled by appointment.

    Campus Interviewing: We provide virtual or in-person space for interviews as well as prepare documents and materials to ensure a seamless interview experience.

  • Workshops: Students can gain valuable skills while learning about your company. Examples include interviewing skills, networking, and personal branding.

    Mock Interviews: Mock interviews provide students with invaluable experience and preparation for meeting with industry professionals.

    Mentor: Connect with students to support them in their professional journey.

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