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  • collecting, reporting, and forecasting student-employer outcomes data
  • developing and delivering easy, transparent, and effective hiring initiatives

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We’ve been collecting data and feedback from students and companies for the past few years. Check out what we’ve learned and apply it to your hiring and recruiting efforts.

Praise for Hire Hopkins

It is always a pleasure to work with and hire from Hopkins! Very excited that we were able to be a part of your great work here, and we look forward to another year of partnership.

J. A. at Meta

Thanks for your support throughout this partnership — what a great success! We look forward to working with you in future opportunities!

C. M. at Wayfair

The team at Hopkins over-communicates, which resonates with me beautifully, and makes it very clear what my responsibilities are as the partner with this program.

DEI Collective Partner

Our Team

From left to right: Alia Poonawala, Chloe Donelan, Claudia Paszek, Emma O’Rourke-Powell, Kayla Goldstein, Lavanya Gupta, Marta Fernandez-Coppel, Marta Sliwa, Nethra Perli, *Vibha Sathesh Kumar

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