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Our JHU Tools offer digital resources that complement in-person events and programs. These tools aid in tailoring your career exploration, researching industries, and exposing you to the diverse world of work.

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What is it?

CaseCoach is a case interview preparation platform. Former McKinsey interviewers and headhunters developed its online preparation courses for consulting applications and case interviews. The courses provide everything you need to prepare consulting applications and crack the case studies used at interviews with top consulting firms and other employers.

What are the details?

The CaseCoach Interview Prep Course includes video lectures, sample videos, case material, and practice tools for consulting interviews.

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What is it?

ForagerOne assists undergraduate students in finding and contacting the right faculty mentors through a database of faculty profiles and a guided application process. Students can also find specific open projects that faculty are recruiting for and apply to join them.

What are the details?

ForagerOne provides a scalable digital infrastructure to dissolve silos and connect students, faculty, researchers, and staff across your institution based on shared and complementary interests to fuel collaboration. It is where research drives progress. Its journey began as a project at Johns Hopkins University when its co-founders realized that the infrastructure to enable widespread collaboration was sorely lacking, impeding academic community members from engaging in new opportunities to expand their work and its impact. ForagerOne turned this universal problem into a mission, building technologies that could empower researchers to envision and achieve more.

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What is it?

Handshake is an online platform that provides Johns Hopkins students with opportunities and connections related to their career aspirations and interests. Employers also access Handshake to post positions, create events, and connect with students. Use this platform for coaching appointments, job, and internship searches, and finding career events that interest you.

What are the details?

On Handshake, students can explore job listings, connect with recruiters, schedule interviews, and access career resources all in one platform. Students can discover opportunities tailored to their interests, network with employers, and receive personalized recommendations to streamline their job search and enhance their professional development.

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What is it?

ImaginePhD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

What are the details?

Humanities and social sciences Ph.D. students and their mentors have long recognized the need for more resources to help bridge the knowledge gap between doctoral education and the realm of career possibilities. ImaginePhD allows users to:

  • assess their career-related skills, interests, and values
  • explore career paths appropriate to their disciplines
  • create self-defined goals
  • map out the next steps for career and professional development success

Explore the various humanities and social sciences career possibilities by visiting ImaginePhD today!


What is it?

Interstride is an interactive career platform that enhances the career exploration and job search process for international students. With web and mobile applications, it’s a one-stop-shop for career resources, from navigating the visa process and searching for jobs, to building one’s professional network. 

What are the details?

It provides resources and tools to help international students explore career opportunities, connect with employers, and navigate the job search process in a new country. Interstride offers services such as resume building, interview preparation, visa information, and cultural adjustment support to empower international students to achieve their academic and career goals successfully.

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LinkedIn Learning

What is it?

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform offering expert-led video courses on diverse topics like business, technology, and personal development. Users can learn independently, access courses on-demand, and earn certificates upon completion. It’s integrated with LinkedIn, allowing users to showcase completed courses on their profiles.

What are the details?

LinkedIn Learning offers students a gateway to diverse business, technology, creative skills, and personal development courses. With the flexibility to learn at their own pace and access expert-led instruction anytime, students can enhance their expertise and earn certificates to showcase on their LinkedIn profiles. Tailored recommendations ensure personalized learning, empowering students to stay updated in their fields of interest while preparing for academic and career success.

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What is it?

OneHop is an easy-to-use platform that allows students to connect with JHU alumni. 

What are the details?

OneHop Mentoring builds purposeful connections between current students and selected alumni mentors. OneHop provides a community for alumni to network and offer guidance to fellow alumni and students. 

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What is it?

SMILE is the University Experiential Learning platform that connects current students to paid campus internships and employment opportunities across Johns Hopkins University. 

What are the details?

SMILE includes paid campus internships and a variety of student jobs, work-study & non-work-study. Student employment and paid campus internships are some of the most valuable college life experiences. These experiential learning opportunities provide our students the chance to:

  • Gain power skills (success skills)
  • Develop professional networks
  • Sharpen business communication skills
  • Access mentors
  • Experience various work environments
  • Make audacious moves
  • Design their life path

Find paid campus internships and student employment opportunities by visiting SMILE today! (Use your JHED ID)


What is it?

VMock is an AI career assistant tool for resume and career development. It helps students identify critical criteria for customizing, building, and improving their resumes to be specific to their strengths and needs. 

What are the details?

You can upload your resume to get detailed feedback and live edits from industry professionals 24/7, 7 days/week, to create or improve your resume.

Students can receive personalized feedback on their resumes from VMock, including content, formatting, and language suggestions for specific job roles and industries. This increases their chances of impressing employers. Additionally, VMock offers resources and insights to help students develop their professional skills and navigate the job search process effectively.

There are also several ground-breaking career modules by VMock designed to enhance your professional journey at Johns Hopkins University. These modules are tailored to empower you to create standout cover letters, perfect your elevator pitch, hone your interview skills, and engage with SMART Interviews.

Improve your chances of securing interviews and advancing your career by visiting VMock today! (Use your JHED ID)