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5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Remote Summer Internship

By Shanice Guthrie, JHU Class of ’21.

Shanice was part of the student cohort for the InBaltimore Internship Program. 

First, take a moment to congratulate yourself on landing this remote internship opportunity! Challenges you may encounter such as a lack …

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate
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Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab Accelerator Showcase 2022


Prepare to be inspired by ten of Baltimore’s emerging social innovators as they share about their ventures at the 2022 Showcase event.

The Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab celebrates Baltimore’s social innovators who have spent the last six months …

By Belle To
Belle To
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Getting Started with Graduate School Applications

Are you applying to graduate and/or professional school, but not sure where to start? Applying to graduate/professional school can feel intimidating and understanding the typical key components can help you get started with the process. This post will help break …

By Maren Gonzales
Maren Gonzales Communications Associate
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