Hanju Lee is the Brand and Culture manager, an inaugural role within the division of Integrative Learning and Life Design (ILLD). Reporting to the Director of Digital Transformation for ILLD and working closely with the Vice Provost for ILLD, he will lead the strategic and branding vision of the division’s digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. Hanju will also serve as the lead voice for innovation, transformation, and collaboration ensuring the ILLD strategic digital plans are implemented to retain and increase equitability and inclusivity for students regardless of background, field of study, or social capital.

Before joining ILLD, Hanju served as the Director of Marketing and Communications at the IDEALS Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Education, working with corporations, startups, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and solopreneurs to grow their businesses and brands, human-to-human (H2H). Hanju also served as the Manager of Marketing and Communications at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, promoting the mission of Johns Hopkins University and the organization to their internal and external stakeholders. After over two decades in marketing and communications for both for-profit and non-for-profit companies and organizations, Hanju knows what truly drives conversions–not mastering the marketing trend of the month, but connecting with the people you are trying to help and communicating your understanding back to them. In addition to his extensive marketing and communications experience, he taught undergraduate business and design courses.

Hanju holds a B.S. in Corporate Communications, an M.A. in Publications Design, and an M.F.A in Integrated Design from the University of Baltimore. He also pursued his M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

To learn more about us, visit Johns Hopkins University’s Division for Integrative Learning and Life Design or the Imagine Center.