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Alyssa Falcone

“If that’s the thing that excites you, no matter where you are, go for it. And if not, then there are many other things that you can do with your degree. You don’t have to be limited.”

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Italian Literature, PhD 2017

Affiliate Instructor of Italian at Loyola University Maryland

Alyssa‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss the opportunities and challenges of Alyssa’s decision to pursue several different adjunct and short-term academic teaching positions across the country after finishing her PhD in Italian literature, her perspective on taking breaks from your doctoral studies or career when needed, and her advice for pursuing a career in academia.

Learn More About Alyssa‘s Story

This is the moment my life changed forever—when my son, Benjamin, was born (September 4, 2021). In this picture, I am exhausted and overwhelmed with joy and fear, unsure about how my life would look from here on out. I was also totally unemployed for the first time in my academic career. While this period of unemployment gave me the opportunity to spend precious time with my son, it also caused a fair amount of stress and confusion. Writing this from nearly 18 months in the future, I wish I could tell myself that everything would be fine because, thanks to Johns Hopkins and other institutions and mentors I’ve had along the way, I was ready for whatever life would throw at me.

These are (a few of) the most important people in my life, standing beside me after my graduation from Johns Hopkins in May of 2017: my husband, Dan Rosenberg, and my parents, Sue and Mike Falcone. They supported and encouraged me every step of the way during my doctoral program, even at the lowest times, and made sure I finished strong. To say I couldn’t have done it without them is a huge understatement. This picture represents my support network, my safety net, and my coaching squad all in one.