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Arielle Mancuso

“It’s funny how, you know, mentors emerge right when you need them. I think mentorship can take many forms. It can be sort of a short conversation. It can be a longer relationship. It can be one tidbit of advice or it can be an ongoing advising.”

Bloomberg School of Public Health

International Health, PhD 2021

Director of Research & Analytics at The Greystone Group/Implere LLC

Arielle‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Arielle’s experience in the Peace Corps inspired her to pursue a graduate degree in public health, the ways her multidisciplinary approach to her doctoral training helped her develop the skills to start her own consulting business while still in grad school, and her advice for setting small, attainable goals to boost your confidence both during the PhD and post-graduation when navigating the transition into the workforce.

Learn More About Arielle‘s Story

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda, I witnessed the distribution of smartphones to Community Health Workers for the first time. Community Health Workers provide lifesaving care to people where they live. Equipping these Community Health Workers with smartphones enabled them to communicate with health facilities for consultation and referrals, as well as to collect critical data to help the health system improve care and respond better to people’s needs. At the time, smartphones were relatively new and their expansive role in health and healthcare delivery had yet to be explored. This photo reminds me of how small innovations can transform the world and inspires me to embrace the future and change.

I recently became a mother and it has been one of the most personally transformative experiences. When I look at my daughter, Aubrey, I think about what I want the world to be like when she gets older and the role I want to have in creating that future. I am passionate about the issues that affect women and work to bring a forward-thinking perspective to problems and solutions. I am an advocate for women’s rights and empowerment and strive to both lead by example and support other women on their journey. As the mother of a daughter, I also feel a responsibility to raise her to be a confident woman. To me, Mother’s Day celebrates women around the world who have dedicated themselves or supported others to be the anchor of strong families and pass along their wisdom to future generations.