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Ayushi Sinha

“To be able to make even the smallest difference in improving the care that patients are receiving and to potentially improve their long-term outcome, it’s just a very, very fulfilling feeling.”

Whiting School of Engineering

Computer Science, PhD 2018

Senior Scientist at Philips

Ayushi‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss Ayushi’s experience pursuing her doctorate in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins, her advice for finding an advisor and an academic environment that supports your unique interests and needs, and the different ways she applies her computer science skills in the medical field working with x-ray imaging systems as a Senior Scientist at Philips.

Learn More About Ayushi‘s Story

Growing up, tennis was the biggest part of my life outside of school. The success of siblings Venus and Serena Williams on the tennis court was an inspiration for my dad to encourage me and my older sister to pursue future careers playing tennis. While we did not become professional tennis players, tennis played a critical role in many decisions in my life, including the decision to go to college in the US, where I’d have the opportunity to play college tennis. While pursuing a degree in computer science along with playing tennis at Providence College, I discovered my interest in research and was encouraged to apply to graduate programs, which landed me at Johns Hopkins University.

Since I was about 10 years old, I have lived near the water. From Mumbai in India to Providence, Rhode Island, Baltimore, Maryland, and finally to Cambridge, Massachusetts, I have managed to stay close to the coast. I look forward every year to trips to the beach, to listen to the waves crash, to read, and to float in the water!