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Beth Goldstein

“The quintessential entrepreneur is an educator because they have this opportunity in the classroom every day to really make change happen, to do powerful work, and to also really work around problem solving.”

School of Education

Education, EdD 2021

Director, Youth Impact Lab at Babson College and Founder of Edge Institute

Beth‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss why Beth decided to pursue a doctoral degree in education after a successful career in business, consulting, and teaching entrepreneurship and marketing, the importance of peer-to-peer collaboration in her doctoral learning process and the ways it helped her embrace not knowing all the answers, and how she empowers educators to be more effective teachers by helping them see themselves as entrepreneurs.

Learn More About Beth‘s Story

This first picture tells the story of me when I’m in my ‘happy place,’ working with students and educators to support their entrepreneurial self-efficacy, grit, and resilience. This was one of the first international courses that I had the opportunity to teach in Bangkok and began my journey into teaching entrepreneurship around the world. The relationships I built with these students and educators continues and grows.

This picture captures my other passion, my children. This picture features a small family gathering the night before my oldest daughter’s wedding. Our adult children include one step daughter and my son-in-law. They are wonderful examples of people who truly care about making the world a better place while having fun. As a dog family—this picture only shows two of our dogs as the fur babies have grown to seven.