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Darshil Jhaveri

“Understanding what do I bring to the table versus what I need to learn and having a good understanding of that really helped me navigate this better.”

School of Medicine

Pharmacology, PhD 2014

Director, Portfolio Strategy at Gilead

Darshil‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Darshil combined the skills he gained during his doctoral training with those he developed in the Hopkins Consulting Group to land a job in consulting, his advice for evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and identifying ways to develop the skills needed to pursue your intended career path, and the ways he combines his consulting experience with his expertise in oncology in his current role as the Director of Portfolio Strategy at Gilead.

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Amsterdam’s skyline is one of its signature sights. When I first witnessed it, I was mesmerized and the more time I spent looking at it, the more encaptivated I got. Each building was a different width, height, color and came from a different era. Further, I also learned that each was built by an architect from one part of the world for a resident from an opposite part of the world – Amsterdam has always been a melting pot of cultures. Even today, the image serves as an inspiration and a reminder to embrace the diversity in all its forms as I work with folks in both my personal and professional life. By constructing a unique building grounded in teamwork and collaboration during my lifetime, I hope to contribute to the skyline of a better tomorrow.

Visiting the botanical garden is a must for every new city we explore. Amid a jam packed, sight-seeing agenda to check off, a trip to a garden helps insert a break and allows time for peace and reflection. To this date, I don’t recollect where I came across the sign but the words have been etched in my memory permanently. Continuous growth forms the centerpiece of my mentoring and learning philosophy, both personally and professionally. Everyone’s growth needs are unique: Understanding the optimal growth conditions is key for others as well as for me. More importantly, I aspire to give and take on opportunities for growth and learning vs. cast them aside as impossibilities. In the famous quote by Wayne Gretzky: “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”