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Gabriela Salmon

“Go for what you what you love. Go for what you want, what moves you.”

Bloomberg School of Public Health

International Health, PhD 2014

Researcher at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

Gabriela‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss what led Gabriela to pursue PhD in International Health, her doctoral research on the epidemiology of Dengue in Peru, and her current work as a researcher at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

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Field work in Nina Rumi, Loreto, Peru

This picture was taken in 2019 when I went to the field with a student to work on her Rickettsia project. I have been very privileged to work in something I like, surrounded in such an amazing environment and with a wonderful group of people. I hope our work has an impact to improve peoples’ lives. I have been able to travel with my children to Loreto for my post-doc and Madre de Dios when I was doing my doctoral research and I have been able to show them a bit of the beautiful places I have been to in our country.

CIP Patty Gil 1995, Huancayo, Peru

This picture (which is very old as you can tell) was my first fieldwork when I was doing an internship at the Potato International Center (CIP) in my first year in school. Being able to work in the Andean area in Peru made it clear for me that I wanted to work in relation to biodiversity and environmental impacts in my country. This ultimately led to how these impacts influence infectious diseases in humans and animals. There is a funny story behind this picture as well. I am currently living in Madrid and a few months ago I got a call from a colleague who was in Switzerland visiting a friend and saw me in a picture (the one here). I lost contact with the student in the picture who was working with me at CIP. She is very close friends with my colleague who I interact with weekly.