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Gayatri Nehrusingh-Pajerowski

“I feel compelled to live my purpose. I know that not everyone is lucky or fortunate or in the space that they occupy to live their purpose. But I feel very, very grateful that I have the gift to be in this space to do so.”

School of Education

Mind, Brain & Teaching, EdD 2021

Assistant Director Educational Opportunity Fund at Passaic County Community College

Gayatri‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Gayatri’s desire to better support her students’ self-efficacy compelled her to pursue a doctoral degree in mind, brain, and teaching at Johns Hopkins, her experiences confronting failure and learning to develop a growth mindset, and her take on the importance of learning how to celebrate yourself and honor your hard work.

Learn More About Gayatri‘s Story

As I adjusted to a new culture during my study abroad experience at La Sorbonne Université, Paris, France, I discovered a new perspective on life. During visits to (top left to right order) Pont des Arts I reflected deeply on love as visitors left personalized padlocks attached to the railings by the Seine River. At the Sorbonne, I made new friends who did not speak English, and we communicated using few words and gestures as we earned French. I enjoyed the views from the top of the Eiffel tower and developed a deep appreciation for art at the Louvre. My visit to the house and gardens of Claude Monet, the Opéra Bastille, and my travel to Monte Carlo, where I saw the Submarine Anorep built in 1966, all left a lasting impression on how I continue to view life. I see no limits in my ability to challenge myself and pursue new adventures.

My professional journey is tied to my husband; we met at work after I was hired for a position he had left. My acceptance letter from Johns Hopkins came the day after we were married, and he was my rock throughout my doctoral journey. I defended my dissertation on our fourth wedding anniversary (which was not intentional) and was very blessed to celebrate my graduation with family I had not seen due to COVID-19. My next step after graduation was attaining a coaching certification which enabled me to use my advanced degree and coaching skills to build and develop my new coaching and consulting practice. As I continue to grow and develop professionally, I am grateful for a partner who always supports me in all my adventures. I am living my dream.