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Gina Greenidge

“I think having a PhD means you know how to learn as well, which I think is also very valuable in any job you go into.”

Whiting School of Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering, PhD 2021

Higher Research Scientist at National Physical Laboratory

Gina‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss Gina’s path to pursing a PhD in materials science and engineering, her advice for remaining flexible, establishing a strong support system, and trusting in yourself when making decisions about your career path, and her work as a research scientist specializing in mass spectrometry imaging at the UK National Physical Laboratory.

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This photo was taken by my sister during my graduation from Howard University. The tie I’m wearing was part of my secondary school uniform, Bishop Anstey High School, in Trinidad. Both institutions, which were created to educate marginalized groups, have undoubtedly helped shaped my worldview and have been integral in providing me with a holistic education in and outside of science. These were the places where I developed lifelong friendships, found mentors, and gained support systems that I continue to rely upon.

This is a photograph of me and my sister, Genai, in Austria. The Sound of Music, which was based in Salzburg, was one of our favorite movies as children. One summer, after I attended a lecture series on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Europe, we met in Salzburg and did The Sound of Music tour. This photo is meaningful because it is a snapshot of a day filled with laughter and adventure with my sister, and more generally, represents the importance of family to me and the satisfaction I experience when I travel and explore.