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Hiea Mizyed

“Leaving Johns Hopkins University, I felt like I was ready for the world. I felt like there wasn’t anything out there that I cannot conquer, that I cannot overcome.”

School of Education

Mind, Brain, and Teaching, EdD 2022

Lecturer, Education Program at Higher Colleges of Technology

Hiea‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss Hiea’s 20+-year teaching career in both K-12 education and in higher education training new teachers, the ways her doctorate in education from Johns Hopkins University empowered her to reach new goals, and her insights on pedagogy and tools for managing work/life balance.

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This image represents two very important constructs for me, knowledge and culture. In 2022, I stood on the iconic Johns Hopkins University wall in my Palestinian poncho as a Doctor of Education.

I believe your passion is for you and your purpose is for others. This image represents my purpose in this world—to love, support, and guide my three amazing children, Eman, Husam, and Raneem. They light up my life and drive my soul.