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Laxmi Slider

“I think for people who are like, ‘Oh, you’re a PhD, so you only do this one thing.’ I’m like, my opportunities are as vast as science itself.”

School of Medicine

Pathology, PhD 2013

Senior Scientific Director at PRECISIONscientia

Laxmi‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how mentorship impacted Laxmi’s decision to pursue a PhD in pathology at Johns Hopkins, what led her to explore a career in medical communications, and her advice for those with advanced degrees in science searching for their next career step.

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In this picture, I am standing on the edge of the crater rim of Mount Kilauea in Volcanoes National Park in Hawai’i. The volcano had active lava flow and night time glow when we visited. I am always observing—it is an innate part of me—but on that rim, it was surreal. I was awestruck by the vastness of the crater. My grandfather taught me my love and respect for nature. In that moment, I could feel and hear the rumblings of the volcano. I could smell the sulfur. I could taste the wind. Although my grandfather passed away a long time ago, I felt exceptionally close to him. It was my most spiritual, humbling, and unique experience. I am now more motivated to travel with my family and explore our beautiful, blue planet and marvel at its wonders.

I would not be who I am without my family. My husband and I fought for each other, and together, we have built an incredible family. Our family motto is “Be brave. Be strong. Be kind, above all.” It encompasses our attitude based on all we have been through. My daughter fought the odds to be in this world. She is a warrior who got her first-degree black belt at 8 years old. My son came to us through adoption—after we lost several angel babies, had 7+ failed matches, stopped trying to adopt, and decided to move states. Through multiple glitches, our adoption profile was shown to a prospective birth mother, and the rest is—exceptionally chaotic—history. We have had plenty of other challenges, but we are a family full of love. We may argue and fight, and we are FAR from perfect, but we are always there for each other. For both my husband and myself, kindness is of the utmost importance to us – not only within our family, but with all those who cross our path. We impress the concept upon our children through example.