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Levi Mogg

“Always operate with a sense of curiosity, understanding that times change, people change, things in the system changes, and just always open and being nimble enough to shift your perspective as you notice new things arise. So, stay curious.”

School of Education

Entrepreneurial Leadership, EdD 2020

Executive Director, Teach For America

Levi‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Levi’s childhood experience in the foster care system and his experience working for Teach for America led him to pursue an EdD in entrepreneurial leadership, the ways that he applies the perspectives and skills he gained during his doctoral program in his work today, and his take on what it means to be a community leader in education.

Learn More About Levi‘s Story

The decision to join Teach For America has profoundly impacted my life. By dedicating myself to expanding opportunities for students, I have found purpose and personal growth. Through organizational and community leadership, I have gained a new perspective on life and am more committed than ever to using education to create a more equitable world.

While my career in nonprofit and educational equity work is vital, being a parent is an inseparable part of who I am. Though I didn’t always have a strong family influence, mentors and teachers have provided me with the support and encouragement that I hope family would. As a father, my top priority is to instill in my children the values of confidence, ambition, and love, along with a deep commitment to creating a fairer society. Beyond my work at TFA, I devote my time to raising my kids to embody the organization’s fundamental mission of advancing justice through action.