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Meredith Raucher Sisson

“There are entire professional fields around all of the things that we study, right. The academy is not the only place where having knowledge of art history would have served me.”

Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

History of Art, PhD 2016

Associate Director, National Scholarship Office at Virginia Commonwealth University

Meredith‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss what drew Meredith to study medieval art history and her experience with the interdisciplinarity of the humanities at Johns Hopkins, how a year-long research fellowship in Rome helped her realize she didn’t want to pursue a career in academia, and the ways her current role in higher ed administration satisfies her passion for supporting students to achieve their goals.

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This was the first time any photographer captured all four of us looking at the camera and actually smiling! It was a beautiful fall day, and we were having a great time playing around at the park. My boys (including Charlie the dog, not pictured) are most important to me. They keep me on my toes, and they are also the reason I smile and laugh so much! I met my husband, Andrew, at Hopkins when we were both grad students. Our sons, Russell and Noah, are the best things we’ve ever done.

Yoga is a huge part of my life. I started practicing at Charm City Yoga as a graduate student (when my first dissertation topic fell apart and I was convinced I was going to have to quit grad school…) and it has been a total game changer for me. I found a wonderful way to feel good in both my body and my mind, finding calm in anxiety and focus in chaos. I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Charm City Yoga also, and have gone on to complete trainings in pre- and postnatal yoga, as well as restorative yoga. Although my time outside work and family is limited, I still make time for teaching prenatal yoga, which is my favorite.