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Ming Sun

“I have always been appreciating what I have learned and what Hopkins taught me and also provide me with a solid foundation proceeding in this field, as well as great like connections and opportunities in the field.”

Whiting School of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD 2013

Research Scientist Manager, Meta

Ming‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how watching Star Wars first sparked Ming’s interest in speech and language technologies, the role of networking and mentorship in supporting his transition from academia to working in industry and his continued growth in the field of language machine learning at Amazon and Meta, and his take on the importance of learning how to zoom out and understand the big picture when approaching research problems.

Learn More About Ming‘s Story

This picture was taken with my wife, Qi Fan, together on the Hopkins Homewood campus after commencement. It was a day with lots of joy. I came to the U.S. for my PhD to study at Hopkins, and it concluded an important 5 years in my life. I am proud of being the first generation in my family to hold a PhD, and the education I received at Hopkins well prepares me for the next chapter of my life. Qi was also a graduate student at Hopkins. We first met on a tennis court at Homewood, and have been together since then. It was an important moment in my life, to celebrate a big milestone with the one I love.

This picture was taken with my wife, Qi, and our daughter, Katherine, during Katherine’s first birthday. Qi and I relocated to Boston after my graduation. We have been enjoying living in this area with its unique history, culture, and dynamics. The arrival of Katherine brings lots of fun to our family, and she also keeps us busy in a good way. The love from family has always motivated me to become a better husband and father. Knowing we are there to support each other brings more resilience out of us when we are facing challenges.